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IFC Midnight

From the ones I've seen so far I kind of dig most of IFC's Midnight line releases. They have a solid track record of quality horror (and other genre) titles, though they also released a few turds as well (Area 407 comes to mind). Here is a complete list of movies they distributed so far. Opinions?


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I've generally enjoyed their output. Even when I haven't enjoyed the movie, their stuff is generally creative. I would probably say Magnolia / Magnet has a more consistent output when it comes to indie horror.

Quick rundown of what I've seen from that list:

The Human Centipede - Not a fan of torture or gross-out horror, but actually didn't mind this one. Most of the nastiness is implied, I found it very watchable.

Red White & Blue - Gritty and quite unpleasant, but the acting was terrific. Worth watching, but not something I'd ever watch again.

The Silent House - Bored me to tears. Can't believe they bothered remaking this turkey.

The Shrine - Starts out a little generic, but takes some very creative and original twists along the way. I was pleasantly surprised.

Primal - I know I watched this, but honestly can't remember much about it. So I'd say forgettable.

Stake Land - I thought it was overrated, but it's definitely original. I greatly preferred Mulberry Street.

The Corridor - Started out really strong, but by the end it doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Kidnapped - HATED this home invasion movie. Awful, miserable, and pointless. Not scary, just cruel.

Undocumented - LOVED this underrated gem of a movie! Probably my favorite film from this label. Highly recommended.

Saint - This one didn't do much for me, even though I'm all about Christmas horror. Then again, I watched a dubbed version on Netflix, so that could have hindered my enjoyment.

Choose - Very forgettable serial killer thriller. Pretty much on par with an episode of Law & Order or NCIS.

Kill List - Seriously overrated. Had to turn on subtitles because I couldn't understand a word anyone was saying. The ending was decent, but not worth sitting through the movie for.

The Human Centipede II - Didn't care for this at all. Really boring, just non-stop gross-out gags.

Penumbra - Definitely a slow burner, but there's some decent stuff waiting in the final act. The director has done much better though.

Rites Of Spring - Another favorite of mine from this line-up. The first half is a little rocky, but the second half is an extremely fun and fast-paced slasher thrill-ride. Could have used a better ending though. Definitely recommended for slasher fans.

The Pact - Pretty generic rip-off of Bad Ronald. I liked that it was set-up as a ghost movie and turned out to be something else. There's one really fantastic suspense sequence. But the rest is pretty much a bore.

Room 237 - LOATHED this movie. Easily the worst movie I've paid to see on the big screen.

ATM - Suspension of disbelief is required, but I still found it fairly entertaining. Forgettable, and not something I'd revisit, but worth a watch.

In Their Skin - Absolutely generic home-invasion movie, but the actors are really good. I found it very watchable, even though I felt like I'd seen this exact movie several times before.

Crowsnest - Basically a found-footage backwoods slasher. I was entertained, but the found-footage aspect kills the re-watchability. Surprisingly, this is from the writer of the little seen Canadian slasher American Nightmare and Bullies. Big fan of those.

Maniac - I thought it was pretty generic, and the camera gimmick wore on my patience. Interesting for a one time viewing, but the original is WAY better.

Would You Rather - Loved this one! Basically another Saw rip-off, but playful, fun, and filled with interesting characters.

Haunter - Interesting little ghost movie. Loved the cast, including Stephen McHattie and David Hewlett. The Groundhog-Day thing kills the replay value a bit though.

+1 - Doesn't really make a lot of sense, but it sure is pretty to look at. The recent film Coherence did a much better tackling of the same plot.

Raze - Saw this at a midnight screening at the New Beverly in L.A. and had a blast with it. Really fun and fast paced little action movie. Definitely worth a watch.

Contracted - Kind of boring, since you know exactly where it's going. Doesn't help that everyone in the film is so stupid. At least it had Caroline Williams going for it.

24 Exposures - HATED this one. Stars Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, whose output is very hit or miss. This was easily their biggest miss by far.

Almost Human - Neat effects and very well done for it's budget, but basically just back-to-back scenes of random characters being killed.

Haunt - Well made, likable characters. Nothing groundbreaking, basically just a teen movie version of Insidious.

The Den - Had some very effective bits, but overall didn't do much for me. Definitely one for the Megan Is Missing crowd. Can't believe they'd give this girl a grant for such a stupid project, but that's college for you.

The Babadook - The horror aspect is a bit lacking, but I really loved the characters. Also loved the Home Alone element towards the end. Definitely worth seeing.

Alien Abduction - Another snoozer of a found-footage movie. Basically a feature length version of the alien segment from V/H/S2, only not as good.
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IFC Midnight has a pretty hit or miss track record. But their quality films completely out way the bad ones in my opinion.
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Erick H.
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Does anyone know if there's a website that tells you what towns/theaters these films play in (they do get a small theatrical release too) ? I can never seem to find that info on IFC's website. I've wanted to see some of these but would rather catch them on the big screen if I can.
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Not horror, but I just watched a new one from the IFC Midnight line called Premature.

It's a teen sex comedy, and a pretty darn good one! Much better than the trailer suggests. If you enjoyed movies like Sex Drive, American Pie, or 100 Girls, definitely give this one a try.

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After a quick skim through, I think I have seen a little more than half of their releases. Here is a quick overview of what I have seen.

High Lane (2009)- 7/10

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)- 7.5/10

Heartless (2009)- 7/10

Valhalla Rising (2009)- 8/10

Red White & Blue (2010)- 8/10

Vampires (2010)- 5/10

The Shrine (2010)- 5/10

The Silent House (2010)- 6/10

Choose (2011)- 5/10

Victim (2011)- 5/10

Saint (2010)- 5/10

Wrecked (2010)- 6.5/10

Undocumented (2010)- 7/10

Kidnapped (2010)- 7/10

The Corridor (2010)- 7/10

Stake Land (2010)- 8/10

Super (2010)- 8/10

Hellgate (2011)- 5/10

The Snowtown Murders (2011)- 8/10

Kill List (2011)- 9/10

Rites of Spring (2011)- 3/10

Penumbra (2011)- 7/10

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)- 5/10

X: Night of Vengeance (2011)- 5/10

The Pact (2012)- 6.5/10

ATM (2012) 4/10

Grabbers (2012)- 6/10

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (2012)- 6/10

Crowsnest (2012)- 6/10

Area 407 (2012)- 5/10

Berberian Sound Studio (2012)- 7/10

Maniac (2012)- 7.5/10

Antiviral (2012)- 8/10

Errors of the Human Body (2012)- 5/10

Would You Rather (2012)- 6/10

+1 (2013)- 6/10

Haunter (2013)- 7/10

Contracted (2013)- 7/10

Witching and Bitching (2013)- 7.5/10

Almost Human (2013)- 4/10

Proxy (2013)- 8/10

Blood Glacier (2013)- 4/10

The Den (2013)- 4/10

Alien Abduction (2014)- 5/10
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Zombie Eater
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This is actually one company that has yet to put out anything I'd consider utter shit in my opinion. I've seen a lot of the films they've released and even bought some based on the fact that they released them. Most of their releases are dirt cheap - around $10 on DVD, $15 for a Blu - and you can get them used for a quarter of that if you're patient.

I've yet so see something from them that I just absolutely despised, maybe disliked or thought was okay but overly generic - yes, but nothing I thought was useless. They always seem to grab films that have a certain quality and someone who knows what they're doing behind the camera.
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tropical marsh
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I thought the last couple of IFC Midnight releases I watched were pretty shitty.

Haunter (2013) - Hard to believe this was even released under the IFC Midnight line. It's basically your typical PG-13 horror crap for teenage girls.

Almost Human (2013) - Unwatchable drivel.
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I think that this is one of the highest quality genre releasing companies going these days..like chrismac87 said, almost nothing I have seen from them is complete garbage. Most of the movies I have seen from them are at least good. I am going to check out Proxy soon on Netfilx-I have heard that it is one fo the best IFC releases!
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