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Housebound(2014) New Zealand Horror/Comedy

Just watched this today, it's out on itunes and vod. I LOVED this movie, it's probably the best horror comedy since Tucker and Dale, in fact THIS is not only better but funnier as well. It's dead alive and tucker and dale meets the people under the stairs. there's a lot of laugh out loud parts, particularly from the mother character, and some nice gory bits scattered throughout. check this out when you can, it's great!
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I thought it was amazingly lame, walked out after an hour
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Saw it at After Dark and really liked it. Thought it was cute and very witty. Original in that it combined unlikely story lines.
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Zombie Dude
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Thanks to this post I tracked it down and thought it was great. Hilarious at times and surprisingly quite spooky at others. I thought it was very well made and shot. All the characters were great too. I'd have to say this is a new favorite of mine. Thanks Paul for pointing it out
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Maybe I hyped it up too much. It was a fun movie, and as Zombie Dude said "quite spooky" too! I wasn't much impressed with the ending revelations but it's worth a watch.
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