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Grizzly II: The Predator workprint footage (?)

These are supposedly snippets from the legendary lost-and-now-possibly-found sequel to "Grizzly", which has apparently had no less than three titles - from "Grizzly II: The Predator" to "Predator: The Concert", and whose workprint surfaced recently. No George Clooney, Charlie Sheen or the grizzly, though - just the titular concert. :\


If it's really from the film, then I guess it was as bad as Clooney says, after all...

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Even after watching those clips, I would still buy this on DVD. For shame.
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incredible!! thanks for sharing those clips! I want to see this soooo bad!
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Old 09-12-2008, 06:35 PM   #4
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An interesting update - someone out there apparently has a complete version.
But he won't share. :\
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Originally Posted by MrVess View Post
An interesting update - someone out there apparently has a complete version.
But he won't share. :\
if he won't share then i bet he doesn't have it.
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OK, that page was as annoying as hell so I'll copy the text:
Here it is folks. The holy grail of unfinished and unreleased 80's horror. The cast contains such well-known names as George Clooney, Charlie Sheen, Louise Fletcher, Laura Dern, Deborah Raffin, John Rhys-Davies, Dick Anthony Williams, Charles Cyphers, Marc Alaimo and Jack Starrett. The story is simple: The crooked superintendant of Summit National Park (Fletcher) agrees to have a huge rock concert in the park, much to the displeasure of the park rangers, who feel they are spread too thin as it is. As luck would have it, a 20 foot tall grizzly bear is wrecking vengeange in the park, thanks to a poacher killing it's offspring for it's gall bladder. When the grizzly kills the poacher, the other poachers (led by Starrett) go hunting for it. The grizzly then kills three campers (which includes a horny Clooney and Dern and a very young Sheen) and makes it's way towards the concert. When the rangers start finding the bodies of the grizzly's victims, they enlist the help of French bear hunter Bouchard (Rhys-Davies) to track it down. This doesn't sit too well with local grizzly bear conservationist Sam (Raffin), who would rather capture it alive. Bouchard, Sam and head ranger Hollister (Steve Inwood) go searching for the grizzly while the poachers shoot and injure another ranger (he eventually ends up as a grizzly meal). The poachers dig a huge pit with wooden stakes to kill the bear, but greed and the grizzly get to them first. The grizzly makes it to the crowded concert (it arrives backstage, so it must have had a pass) where it sets off the pyrotechnics, impales Bouchard on a metal spike and flips the Jeep Hollister and Sam are in. Hollister electrocutes the grizzly on stage where the audience thinks it's part of the show (you gotta see that shot to believe it) and applaud wildly. The End.

Since this is just a workprint, the film is in very rough shape. The temp music soundtrack contains unauthorized tracks by Michael Jackson (Beat It and Wanna Be Starting Something) and the bear is never seen until the finale. The attack scenes consist of reaction shots of the actors waving their hands around their body and screaming and when the bear is to be shown, all you see is a blank screen. Since there is only the shots of the mechanical bear at the end, it stands to reason that the other bear attack footage was to be shot later on. All the sound on this workprint is live and no post-production looping is present. This is especially noticable when the actors talk on police radios or telephones and the reply voices are coming just off-camera. The question remains this: Would this have made a good film if it were finished and released? It's hard to say. From the footage I have seen, the film is not that bloody (the effects shots were probably also to be added later) and the story is pretty weak. The music acts in the concert, which consists of a bad early 80's New Wave all-girl singing group and an effiminate male headliner who dresses in a silver metallic jump suit, dates the film severely. The finale is unfinished and is represented as a series of outtakes, but you can get the gist of how it's supposed to end by watching the outtakes. It's the ecclectic cast that's the biggest draw. Seeing George Clooney, Charlie Sheen and Laura Dern at such early stages in their careers is a hoot, but their screen time amounts to less than five minutes. There's a subplot about Hollister's daughter Christy (Deborah Foreman) working as a gofer for the concert manager (Dick Anthony Williams) and falling in love with the girly-man headliner (before the concert, he prances around in a tight pair of short shorts!), but it eventually leads nowhere. Cannon Films was supposed to distribute this film, but went into bankruptcy, dooming this film before it was finished. Filmed mostly in Budapest, the Hungarian government seized most of the production's equipment for non-payment of bills. This film was directed/produced/scripted by David Sheldon, who co-wrote and produced the original GRIZZLY (1976). There are claims that this film ended up on TV in the late 80's. Don't you believe it. It is just one of those urban legends that refuses to die. Another film, CLAWS (1977), which also deals with a rogue grizzly, was retitled GRIZZLY 2 for overseas distribution and TV showings when the original film turned out to be an unexpected financial success. This workprint is about as complete as you are ever going to see it and is in no way in any condition to be shown on TV or in theaters. This is about as rare a find that I have ever received. I would like to thank the person that sent it to me, but I'll leave his name anonymous so he doesn't get clobbered with requests for copies. I know of no artwork for this film. If anyone has any preproduction ads for this or any promotion material, please contact me at my email link and we can work work something out.
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Mutilated Prey
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I actually have grabbed a few flicks from that guy in the past, very nice dood, but I think he might be a little "out there". He does nice deeds for folks by literally making you DVD-r's of flicks and asks nothing in return - probably because he has everything. He told me once has a history of health problems. He was going to hook me up with a few movies again like a year ago and never did. I asked him like once or twice if everything was ok and he never responded to me. Probably blew me off. I know he is touchy about folks "taking advantage" of his generousity - rightfully so. I was always very ginger with him, as he did hook me up a while back. Maybe I should try again.
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Joe Six-Pack
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If I'm not mistaken, I think someone on the avmaniacs.com forum had a complete version of the grizzly 2 workprint. If you browse around over there, you can find the thread.
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Somebody take a hit for us & buy it. Then throw it up on a torrent site. I know you bitches got money. COME ON............! **pouts**
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I want to see this bad. when did the workprint finally surface?
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Old 04-11-2011, 03:35 AM   #11
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I stumbled across a copy of the full workprint. I had no idea this film even existed!

Deborah Foreman, Laura Dern, George Clooney, and Charlie Sheen! I'm definitely intrigued!
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I just watched the whole thing a few weeks back...much more complete than I thought the movie would be. With the exception of the fact that none of the bear footage that was supposed to be spliced in is present the film plays pretty well for the first hour or so. Only the finale feels really choppy and workprint like. Blink and you will miss Clooney, Sheen, and especially Laura Dern. The bands in this were just awful and they play ALOT of songs. Overall it was nice to finally see this...hard to believe with all those name they never could get this thing finished.
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Mutilated Prey
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So, where did you guys get it?
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Old 04-11-2011, 05:18 AM   #14
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I believe Cinemageddon has a torrent of it.
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the cinema snob did a review of it a couple of weeks ago
my dvd's
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