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1289. People who say they already own most of the films they want on DVD simply don't know enough about film.
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Modern (post-70s) Heavy Metal (at least 99% of it) really, REALLY sucks.
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I'll come back with more later...

Tarantino is a joke. His "films" that I've seen are amongst the worst "films" I've ever suffered through.

Apocalypse Now and The Conversation are the only FF Coppola films worth watching.

Lost in Translation? Please. Give me Marie Antoinette and The Virgin Suicides over that any day.

Goodfellas is not all that. Casino is far superior.

While on the subject of Scorsese, The King of Comedy is one of the most underrated films ever.

Prince of Darkness is the crowning achievement of Carpenter's marvelous career. It is also one of the five greatest horror films ever made and the best religion-based horror film.

Halloween and The Exorcist are two very overrated films. They are good, but neither should make even the top ten of their subgenres.

Halloween II is one of the blandest, most incredibly dull films I've ever seen. The sister idea also sucks, and lessens the original's impact.

Tobe Hooper is a fine director with more quality and entertaining films than shitty ones.

Poltergeist is an over the top, in your face load of horse manure. It lacks any form of subtlety whatsoever (something a good ghost story needs), and is a very annoying experience. If I was Hooper, I'd let Spielberg have all the credit for this abomination.

The 90's were nowhere near as bad for horror as people say they were. There were more than enough quality films made during this decade.

Despite the style on display, Opera is a real mess. I loved the film at first, but over the years, I've come to see it for the lesser Argento effort that it is. The only Argento films weaker than this one are Phantom of the Opera and Jenifer. That said, I still watch it from time to time. It's not unwatchable like those last two.

After my latest viewing, I think I may love Inferno even more than Suspiria.

Blood and Black Lace is a bore.

The Descent is a nothing film with laughable monsters and plot developments. It would've been better had it just been about claustrophobia. As it is, the film does not work.

Shaun of the Dead isn't funny, and it isn't any good either.

Valentine is a pleasant throwback to 80's slashers. On Valentine's Day, I'll watch this one over My Bloody Valentine every time.

The Redeemer is one of the greatest slashers ever made. It's creepy as hell and has some fascinating subtext.

While not a patch on the original, Blair Witch 2 is a very good film.

Martin and Day of the Dead are Romero's best films.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is okay at best, and Heather Langenkamp's acting is quite bad. She's better in New Nightmare, which really is the only good film in the series.

Jill Schoelen is a more appealing scream queen than Jamie Lee Curtis could ever hope to be.

Maximum Overdrive rules!

The Night Flier and Thinner are great, and two of the better Stephen King adaptations.

Hulk is the best superhero comic adaptation.

Raimi has made one good superhero film, and it damn sure doesn't involve web-slinging.

Fuck you, Napolean Dynamite.

Street Trash is trash.

I like older women, and will only date someone who's at least a few years older than myself.

Hardcore sports fanatics are some of the most annoying people on the planet.

NYC, the greatest city in the world? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I'd sooner blow my brains out than live in that shithole.

Australian cinema is very underrated.

Ravenous makes me hungry.
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The Chaostar
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Hulk is the best superhero comic adaptation.

Fuck all movies with nerds as heroes. What's with that? Watching Napoleon Dynamite is worse than eating vomit. (exception - Revenge of the Nerds)

King of Comedy is a masterpiece.

Brown Bunny too.
"Only on Horrordvds.com could a well intentioned get well thread turn into an infomercial about the propensity for testicular perspiration".
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Originally Posted by Cujo108 View Post
Fuck you, Napolean Dynamite.

GOD I hate that movie and that guy. I don't think I ever disliked a character more, and I usually like movies with nerds as the lead but not that guy.

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- the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is way overrated. Not a bad movie, but I don't get the love it gets. The chick running around at the end, screaming constantly is one of the most annoying moments in film history.

- I'd rather watch the remake of Dawn of the Dead than the original. Day Of the Dead was pretty much crap.

-Evil Dead was a fun movie but Evil Dead 2 was retarded.

- The only part of The Exorcist that was creepy was the crab-walk scene down the stairs. Good flick but not especially scary.

- Hellraiser 3 and IV are my favourites of the series.

- Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007) was the best of the HHE movies made (not that that's saying much).

- Paul WS Anderson is awesome. I'd watch any horror/sci fi movie he wants to make.

- Resident Evil 2 was so much better than the first film...and I loved the first one.

-the Black Christmas remake was one of the best remakes.

- Ju On: The Curse was 1000 times better than Ju On: The Grudge. I'm tired of people saying they hated Ju On when they haven't even seen the original.

- the 2000's have been a great decade for horror thus far. If any of these movies had been made in the 70's-80's then people would consider them to be classics.

- The Crazies is Romero's second best film behind Night Of The Living Dead.

- I've liked a lot of Jennifer Lopez's movies. That includes Maid In Manhatten and Angel Eyes.

- John Travolta and Nic Cage started off as good actors but are nothing more than hams today.
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Originally Posted by puddytay View Post
The Leprechaun is an amazing horror movie.

David Cronenberg is a very underrated directors
Horror Movies in Space don't work
Exorcism of Emily Rose is fucking terrible
Hellraiser 3 is the worst in the franchise.
Lady In The Water is the worst movie of 2006
Fun Horror movies need to include nudity
I didn't think any of these were unpopular opinions.
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For Your Health
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*Leprechaun is boring and boring and a little more boring.

*David Lynch is terrible. Making something confusing doesn't make it always make it 'art.'

*PG-13 horror movies, as a general rule, are to be avoided. There are some exceptions but very few.

*Uwe Boll has made one "fun" bad movie and it was called Bloodrayne. Everything else is wretched and not worth a glance.

*The Host was fantastic, especially the drama of the storyline.

*The Exorcist isn't that scary.
"Send more paramedics."
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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
Most people who don't like Asian horror hate it because they can't keep up with subtitled movies.
This is one of the dumbest statements I've read in a long time. I don't doubt there are people out there who hate Asian horror for that reason, but wouldn't that mean they hate all foreign films that are subtitled? I love foreign films, but I just can't get into Asian horror. Most of the films are just plain silly. I haven't seen many of them, but out of the ones I have seen, A Tale of Two Sisters is the only one worth a damn, and even then I'm not often in the mood to watch it.
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Oh yeah.

- Even though most horror remakes turn out to be sub par, I like the idea of remakes and look forward to the announcement of many, many more.

- there is nothing wrong with a PG-13 rating for a horror movie as long as the movie isn't cut to get that rating.
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The Apocalyptic Kid
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Everyone in this thread is going straight to hell due to the non-stop blasphemy.
We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.

- Johann von Goethe
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Kevin Smith's Movies Are Pure Fucking Garbage.
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Death By Ejaculation
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Originally Posted by 17thJuggalo View Post
Kevin Smith's Movies Are Pure Fucking Garbage.

Isn't that a given.
And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

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- Anyone who doesn't have the same taste in horror movies as me is wrong!
- Unpopular Opinion threads are overrated.
- Ash28m's polls are overrated. Oh wait that's me.
- Anyone who doesn't like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, BWP or Suspiria may not actually like horror films.
- Anyone who uses the term "torture porn" is Fox News sheep and wants to make love to Bill O'Reilly.

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Capitalism is by it's very nature a selfish endeavor and is destroying the world.

America is "one nation under God" but the concept of freedom and liberty was invented by Satan. The Christian God is all about unity and obeying your masters. Satan is a proponent of individuality and he was cast out of heaven for his beliefs.
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