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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
What the hell does that even mean?

I can't help but think this is going to become a Battle Royal situation where nobody wants what Richard P. Rubinstein is selling: an overly expensive mandatory theatrical 3D release with Blu-ray 3D release. Then 5-10 years from now after Rubinstein's looked at the red ink long enough on the 3D conversion he sells cheaper rights without mandated 3D and theatrical releases optional. By then 8K is the new transfer standard and his decade old master is too obsolete to make for a decent release.

I can't see anyone walking away happy from this. Not the fans, not Rubinstein, not even the distributor who will be underwhelmed by the meek sales for the dated master. The saddest thing is I don't think Romero will be around long enough to see an 8K (or beyond) remastering of Dawn because of this dipshit.
I agree with you. I own a 3DTV, this is my favorite horror film, and I have very low expectations IF this even gets shown in a theater in my area. Will I buy it if it ever gets released on blu-ray? Yes. It's easy for me to recommend how others spend their money, but I would rather the money went to restoring/remastering the film. Rubenstein has been a very successful businessman, however this seems like bad timing. The zombie craze is finally tapering off. Preservation seems like a better choice than cashing in on the 3D craze (if there ever was one).
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