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The ABCs of Death 2

I'm surprised there wasn't already a thread on this. I watched this over the last couple of nights (one of those movies you can spread the viewing out over more than one session) and ultimately enjoyed it more than the first. But it does take its time to get going. Probably a reason why I turned it off around K or L on the first viewing and picked it up the next night.

Once you get to around M, it really doesn't let up (with the exception of the piss poor P-P-P-PScary entry). Heck, there's even a refreshing and unique zombie story, and that's a sentence I never thought I'd say.

Just a heads up for anyone who pops in the Blu: Make sure you go into the setup menu and select English subtitles for the non-English entries. I'm a little surprised it didn't default to that. Do they really think the audience is fluent in Arabic, Tagalog, Spanish, Swahili, Japanese, and German?
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I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this one, although it is far from perfect. This has far more entertaining segments in comparison to the first entry and I am eagerly awaiting the third installment slated for 2016.

Best Segments
A is for Amateur
B is for Badger
K is for Knell
M is for Masticate
Q is for Questionnaire
R is for Roulette
S is for Split
V is for Vacation
W is for Wish
Y is for Youth
Z is for Zygote

Worst Segments
G is for Grandad
J is for Jesus
L is for Legacy
N is for Nexus
P is for P-P-P-P SCARY!
X is for Xylophone
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Surprised there's no default with the subtitles on the Blu because the DVD has auto subs for the foreign parts (except, oddly enough, while the commentary plays)

I really enjoyed it. Far more than the first one and I didn't hate any of the segments (although there is weak ones).

W for Wish is my favorite.





Didn't care for:

+6 trader.

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New trend with the subtitles, I was watching V/H/S Viral tonight and there's a segment in Spanish which has English subs, but not until I turned them on. Then when it went to the next segment the subs disappeared when English was spoke again, then came back for a bit more Spanish later. Weird.

Since the trailer for ABC's 2 is on that disc, that must be how Magnolia/Magnet are authoring their stuff. Bad choice.

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Yeah, I actually watched all of F is for Falling in Arabic, assuming that we weren't supposed to get subtitles and we had to pick up the gist of it through context. But then when I is for Invincible came around I realized I needed to turn on the subtitles myself. I eventually rewatched Falling.
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