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Re Zavvi's Policies

I'm not sure if this even deserves its own thread but I need some advice. I never received a movie I ordered from Zavvi, so I contacted them. They replied back about 3 days later with a form they want to me to fill in by hand (after downloading it) and send back as an attachment or some such. I've never done this before so I feel it's a bit much to ask of a customer. I didn't get my order, it's plain and simple - just send another copy, no? I'm not one of those jerks who tries to scam businesses by claiming they never got something so I won't have to pay, so I'm not "flagged" for any of that. It just seems like overkill, and the fact that I have no idea how to perform such an attachment just makes it that more annoying. So I'm thinking I should just file a paypal chargeback and try to get a refund. Would this put me on some kind of Zavvi blacklist? I certainly don't want that to happen but I'm at a point where I don't care anymore. They're going downhill fast and I don't envision buying much from them anyway. Anyone have a suggestion?
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Did you tell Zavvi that you don't know how to do what they're asking? If not, you should try that first; Paypal dispute/refund is a last resort option and you get like 180 days to do it now anyway.
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I ordered only one item from Zavvi. It was the recent Batman (1989) blu-ray with an exclusive documentary. Turns out the documentary doesn't exist. It has the same discs which are available in the U.S. I contacted them about overpaying for their blu-ray which wasn't as advertised. They responded with an offer to partially refund the difference which I accepted. I'm sure they're inundated with returns for dinged and scratched steelbooks.
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Just tell them you don't have a scanner so you can't do it.
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