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Zombie Dude
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At this rate there will probably be a superior US release with 1080p transfer and if we're lucky, uncut.
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Damn, I was looking forward to getting this. Now I'll have to wait even longer for a better release.
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Bringer of Doom
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I got the Aussie Blu-ray the other day... oddly direct from Amazon US and under $25.

It is 1080i/50, but looks pretty good if you're capable of playing that. The disc itself is a dual-layer with a healthy bit-rate.

I never got the old Aussie DVD, but there's a ton of bonus features on the Blu-ray ported over from that release. The Feature-length "Jaws on Trotters" Documentary is included, another 90+ minutes of various Interviews culled from Not Quite Hollywood, Deleted Scenes, Trailers, Stills Gallery, etc..

The Audio Track is lossless DTS HD Master 5.1, and often sounds pretty damn powerful.

I kind of doubt a US Blu-ray will be forthcoming anytime soon, since Warner still holds the rights here. A future UK or German release is certainly possible though, albeit might include the same master/transfer, so who knows.
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