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Masscare Video and Olaf Ittenbach's 'Black Past'

From Facebook, via Massacre Video:

"A lot of people have been asking about our upcoming release of Olaf Ittenbach's Black Past.

We have been waiting well over a year for the masters to be sent from Germany. Sadly, no masters were ever sent. We talked to Olaf about creating the deluxe edition of Black Past including two cuts of the film and a rare on screen video interview with him. These terms were agreed to before the payment was sent. But after payment was received, nothing was ever sent and now they are telling me they will not be sent. A few week's ago we received a damaged German DVD in the mail as a "master" when the original Digibetas were promised for both cuts of the film. I have since asked for my money back or the masters....but we received a reply saying we got what we got and then were blocked. I have tried to work this out with him and make it right, but he simply refuses. Legal action is something we can not afford, so it seems we are stuck in this situation.

As a fan of the film and Olaf's work in general, this is an extremely heartbreaking situation for me personally. I hate being the bearer of bad news two post in a row, but it is really out of my hands at this point.

It is looking like we are going to have to either cancel the release all together and take the advance we paid as a loss or release a budget DVD of the film and sell it for cheap.

I would like to apologize to all of the American fans on his behalf, we did try to create a nice edition of this classic splatter title. But sadly, he refused to allow it."

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Oh well. Just means they'll have more time and energy to devote to their upcoming blu-ray of Halloween Night (Hack-O-Lantern).
DVDs / blu-rays for sale
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Update on their Facebook page just now;

After the last post, we have spoke to the parties involved and we have FINALLY discussed the situation. We are going to work together and make this happen for you the fans.

Olaf is busy shooting a new film and I do understand that things have been lost in translation. It was not an ideal situation for either parties, but we are excited to bring you the FIRST American home video release of Black Past!
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