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August 1980, Italy

Just a little flashback thread. According to IMDb these movies were released in Italy in August 1980:

August 2

August 4

August 9

August 11

It was the (final) summer of Tisa Farrow before she retired from the movie business. Besides Antropophagus she also had The Last Hunter hitting Italian theaters August 9th.
Lucio Fulci came on strong with City of the Living Dead and his gory Mafia thriller Contraband (August 8).

Amazing month don't you think?
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Where did I park my time machine? Awesome month! We all get nostalgic, but I really miss the feeling of excitement at the promise of upcoming movies. When I compare that lineup to the crap that was listed for this August (aside from Guardians of the Galaxy) I get sad.
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How cools - It's crazy how, back in the day, those fun flicks took a few years to reach the USA (and often re-titled).
I remember ALIEN CONTAMINATION (with SAVAGE WEEKEND as the co-hit) being released in Sacramento in 1981 (but not showing up in any other papers that weekend). I kept that ad, though. FEAR IN THE CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD will always be GATES OF HELL to me. We didn't enjoy that in my hometown until 1983. How a bunch of middle schoolers saw that in theaters that week is beyond me but I was there, too. Actually, I was there for ZOMBIE which was the co-feature and by 1983 that print was so beat up, skippy and faded that my friends thought I was crazy for dragging them to the theater to see it (by the way, we weren't carded or anything) since I had seen it in '81 and just raved about it for years. GATES OF HELL, on the hand, looked rather glossy and professional. I don't recall the dubbing, either. Innocent times. Good, blood thirsty innocent times.
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