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True Detective

Anyone catch the 1st episode of season 2 on Sunday? If so, what did you think?

Season 1 was exceptionally good, and in my opinion, had the greatest opening pilot since Twin Peaks.

Direct TV had the HBO channels for free last weekend, so unfortunately, I'm not going to get to follow this season week to week
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Didn't see it, but from what I can see it will have a different vibe to it which I'm cool with. Looking forward to checking it out at some point.
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I'll do what I did with the first season. Wait until episode 7 airs, then watch the entire season OnDemand during the week leading up to the finale. Much better this way, especially since the seasons are so short. Plus, all kinds of little details you might forget in the week between episodes.

To be honest, I thought the first season had a great visual look, but otherwise I found it a bit underwhelming. Held a lot of promise, but didn't really deliver, and the season ended with a whimper. Willing to continue since this season is a completely different story, but this season will make or break whether or not I continue next year.
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I saw the first episode, enjoyed it a lot. Many questions to be unveiled about the characters to come I'm sure. Each one has something going on. Instead of the two detectives, here you got three. Colin Farrell was the standout in this ep, with Rachel McAdams being the close second. Nice to see Vince Vaughn in a different role than what were used to lately. I hear a lot of people hating the opening credits music, imo I like it. Trust me, it will grow on you.

No spoilers, but I wanna say one small thing. Colin Farrell handles a particular situation in the first ep that most of us would only dream they could do in real life.

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It was an interesting opening considering how little of it I found interesting. It's obvious that they are playing a very different game this season. At least so far, this round seems less philosophical/metaphysical and much more grounded in the seedy, amoral pulp of "LA Confidential" - which this reminded me of a lot for some reason.

Whether that's a good thing or not will depend on where they take this. The metaphysical aspects of the first season were the main reason that I watched, but it was also the area where I felt most let down when the season was over.

It was certainly a bold first episode in that it seemed to have a lot of confidence to move at a leisurely pace introducing a lot of characters up front and without establishing how all of them are going to be connected until near the final shot.

But, I have to say that, if it weren't for the faith based on the strengths of the first season, I don't know if it would have held my attention for as long as it did. The dialogue and characters aren't as sharp or interesting right out of the gate. Some of the dialogue and delivery was pretty bad. Some of the plot development was ridiculously forced, mostly when it came to introducing Ani's family members. And, most of the time the camerawork was pretty mediocre.

But, it certainly did build a good, slow-burning sense of intrigue and I am definitely curious to see where it goes from there.
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Dour, humorless, and it revealed far too much too soon, especially in the case of Colin Farrell's character. These are characters who never break into a smile, who speak at others--rarely with--and take themselves only seriously. Unless this season lightens up, it's going to be a slog.
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Originally Posted by thing View Post
Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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