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Morso a morte
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recent / upcoming French horror movies

I haven't heard much about these, but wanted to start a thread for them.

Captifs aka Caged: Somewhere in Eastern Europe. Carole is a young nurse with a humanitarian aid group that has reached the end of its mission. But just then, the young woman and her two colleagues are kidnapped by strangers for mysterious reasons. Held captive, cared for and kept alive in an oppressive and sinister setting, the three prisoners soon discover with horror what their kidnappers truly have in store for them...

Behind the Walls: France, 1922 -- Suzanne , a young novelist lacking inspiration decides to isolate herself in the countryside to write her new book. As Suzanne discovers a sealed-up room in the basement of her house, she starts writing oddly easily. Visions and nightmares soon strike her while the villagers grow worried as several little girls mysteriously disappear...

Dead Shadows: Seems to have a Lovecraftian vibe - Tells the terrifying story about a young man, Chris, whose parents were brutally killed 11 years ago – the same day that Hayley’s Comet could be seen from earth. Tonight, a new comet is going to appear and everyone in his building is getting ready for a party to celebrate the event. There’s even an apocalypse theory going around.

As the night falls, Chris starts to discover that people are acting strange – and it seems to somehow be connected to the comet. People are becoming disoriented and violent and it doesn’t take long before they start mutating into something from beyond this world. In a fight for survival, Chris has to try to escape from his building with the help from some other tenants – but will they make it out alive?

Djinns: The North African Desert of the Sahara - 1960. Soldiers are sent on a rescue mission in the desert. Trapped in a sand storm, isolated from their commander, they run into Algerian rebels. As they seek shelter in an uncharted village another, invisible, threat comes out from the desert -- the Djinns. As their ranks are decimated, they'll face the longest night of their lives.

Humains: A group of researchers travels to the Swiss Alps to investigate a scientific discovery that could bring the whole of human evolution into question. The trip turns into a nightmare when their minibus crashes to the bottom of a gully. Lost in the midst of the mountains, the group must organize itself to survive. Yet someone, or something, seems to be after them

Lady Blood (sequel to Baby Blood): Several years after giving birth to a hideous creature, Yanka, the young heroine from the first film has finally rebuilt her life. She’s now married to the psychiatrist who healed her psychological wounds and is the mother of an adorable little girl. Yanka has also found employment with the police department. While her line of work may at times be trying, she nonetheless lives a peaceful and pleasant life, allowing her to leave her painful past behind. That is, until it returns to haunt her.

A series of vicious murders obligates her to tenaciously pursue a sadistic killer. As the mutilated bodies pile up at a fearful rate, she realizes that the clues the murderer leaves behind are directed at her. She’s convinced that the monster she spawned so long ago is back. It seems to be reaching out for her with the intention of beginning the horror anew—the only possibility is that it seeks to reproduce.

Livide: It's young Lucy's first day as a trainee in-house caregiver. She visits Mrs Jessel, an old woman who lies in cerebral coma, by herself, in her large desolate house. Learning by accident that Mrs Jessel, a former dance teacher of repute, supposedly possesses a treasure somewhere in the house, Lucy and friends William and Ben decide to search the house in the hope of finding it. At night, they get into the house, which reveals itself to be increasingly peculiar. Their hunt for Mrs Jessel's treasure leads them into a horrifying supernatural series of events that will change Lucy forever...

The Village of Shadows: A group of friends take two separate cars while on a trip to a small village called Ruiflec for the weekend. Upon entering the village the occupants of one of the cars disappears, leaving the remaining group clueless as to what happened. However, they will soon discover that's the least of their worries, as the town is void of any people and their means of communication is dead. They soon must learn to fight for their survival and attempt to find a way out of the mysterious town.

Has anyone seen these? Any thoughts?
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i have seen 'livide', it's from the makers of inside, it's disappointing i'm afraid, great idea, looks nice, starts of strong but without giving to much away, once they break in and the mayhem starts it lost it and once it goes down hill it never recovers. shame as i was really looking forward to it.
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Morso a morte
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That is a shame. Ah well. I'll still have to see it, but maybe I won't rush out to see it
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