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Joe Six-Pack
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New Gamera movie next year (50th anniversary)

Not much is known yet, but here is a little bit of info: http://www.augustragone.blogspot.ca/...n-in-2015.html

Glad to see the other big G in a new movie! Unlike most people, I liked GtBrave but would like to see this new movie go a different direction, which I am sure it will.
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I wonder if it will be done traditionally, with a man inside a monster suit and miniature buildings, or if they will go full CGI this time.

Would love to see traditional monster movies make a comeback in Japan.
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I'm thrilled to hear this! BTW, for those who don't know, Mill Creek (who did a good job w/ the Heisei Gamera and Daimajin trilogies) are releasing the Showa Gamera movies on BD in two collections, and an 11-film DVD collection!

Gamera Ultimate Collection V1 Blu-ray

Gamera Ultimate Collection V2 Blu-ray

Gamera Legacy Collection DVD
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