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Lipstick (1976)

I just read the DVD review at dvdfile.com. Sleazy rape/revenge thriller/drama. Sounds like a winner
Never seen it but always wanted too.
I might pick up the DVD when available (October 14th).
Any opinions on this flick?
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It doesn't rank up there with I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE or LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. Its very "Hollywood" of the mid-70s. Its been decades since I've seen it, but I remember feeling a little creeped out by the late Margaux Hemmingway character.
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I should mention, Margaux Hemmingway creeped me out in just about any movie she was in. Mariel is the better actress.
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Old 10-07-2003, 12:11 AM   #4
hell ya!
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I got it on pre order.

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Old 10-07-2003, 02:34 AM   #5
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I have seen it a couple of times, due to my love of Chris Sarandon aka Jerry Dandridge. This movie is very, very, very bad, not at all gritty with the rape and the revenge and the like. OK, so the lipstick bit of the rape scene was kind of sort of remotely upsetting if you squint your eyes just right, but really, nothing compared to say a certain French movie that a lot of you seem to love for reasons unknown. The revenge bit is ludicrous at the end really nothing hardcore or anything. However, it does have some of the worst writing ever, and I found myself cracking up at the oddest of times so it does have some merits if only in a MST making fun of the movie kind of way.

As an aside, the movie is kind of known for establishing Mariel Hemingway as an upcoming actress instead of Margaux Hemingway, who it was supposed to establish. Margaux was supposed to have been very upset that the critics thought she was awful but that her sister had real promise here.

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Recently picked up the DVD for $4 and revisited this last night. I vaguely remember it from TV airings.

While it's maybe not the best rape-revenge flick out there, it's certainly up there with The Ladies' Club as one of the more interesting ones, balancing a serious courtroom drama with sleazy '70s exploitation thrills. How can you not love that humdinger of an ending!

According to the dates on IMDB, this was released just four days after Chris Sarandon's Oscar nomination for Dog Day Afternoon. I wonder if playing such a sleazy character hurt the momentum from his nomination? It looks like he mostly followed this up with horror (The Sentinel) and TV movies for the next several years.

And I completely agree about Mariel Hemingway outshining her big sister here. She gives a performance beyond her years.

Looks like I got a heck of a deal, as the DVD appears to be out of print. I can't see it being re-issued, but I wouldn't be surprised if it winds up in the Warner Archive alongside other previous Paramount DVDs like Explorers, Thief Of Hearts, Let's Scare Jessica To Death, etc.
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