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Horror Block / Box of Dread - Monthly Toy Subscriptions

Ok, I admit I must have missed the boat on this "Nerd Block" craze. There are several different types of "blocks" Each box contains various items related to said genre. Figures, stickers, t-shirts, various small collectables, etc...

But anyway, back to the title of this thread.

This is from the Nerd Block company.


It's $19.99 for one "block", but if you sign up for various months it has different prices. $17.99 for 3 months, $16.99 for 6 months, and year it's $15.99 a month. Plus shipping.

The second "horror" themed box:

Box of Dread


$14 for month or $13 for 3 months subscription. Plus $6 shipping.

Would anybody get these? Looks kinda fun, plus apparently Fangoria has a deal with Horror Block, so you will get a Fangoria magazine in every block shipped monthly. I think you get a T-Shirt each month too with Horror Block(but I could be wrong)

There are too many numerous "unboxing" videos to link. Just search both names out on youtube and see what past months for both companies contained.

Love to hear if anyone has these, and your opinions on each service.
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I'd like for the pop up advertising this to stop every time I access Dread Central!
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I'm just not in to toys and all that. What do people do with this stuff? They're knick-knacks, yeah? The closest thing I have to any of this is a Kane Hodder-signed Hockey Mask my sister got me for Christmas… but that is it.
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I did lootcrate for 2 months. First month was incredible. Second month was garbage and I immediately cancelled.
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I did Box of Dread for 3 months. I got a few pretty cool things like a Penny Dreadful promo cup, an Army of Darkness comic, some very tiny Godzilla figures, a month of Full Moon Streaming, but overall I didn't find it quite worth the money.

I've almost tried HorrorBlock several times but the shipping to the US (they're in Canada I think) is $10, so $30 total. I do like the surprise aspect of it - I'm always stopping in pawn shops and thrift stores because you never know what you're going to find, but $30 is a lot to drop on random toys and stuff. But with HorrorBlock you at least get a shirt and a $10 Fangoria magazine, so it's a better deal than Box of Dread.
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I also did the 3 month Box of Dread just to check it out. Ultimately it just isn't my thing. There was some cool stuff in some of the boxes but too many stickers, mini-posters, cards, buttons - stuff I have no interest in or space for. I put most of it in my nephew and nieces Christmas stockings.

I don't wear T-shirts or the Horror Block box would have been a better deal since it also comes with a Rue Morgue magazine every month. If I were younger and trying to start or develop a collection these might be more appealing. There's TONS of youtube unboxing videos for these subscription boxes to give a good idea of what kind of stuff you get.
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