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October 31, 2014 Designated as Svengoolie Day in the Great State of Illinois

WHEREAS, I am always a week behind on my Svengoolie (I watch the Saturday morning rerun during my lunching), this is a bit belated but still well in time for the true date:
October 31st is Halloween -- a day when children and the young at heart have fun with ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. This upcoming Halloween will also be a special day for Chicago's favorite television ghoul, Svengoolie. A few days ago, the Illinois General Assembly passed Illinois House Resolution 1041, which officially declares October 31, 2014 as Svengoolie/Rich Koz Day in the State of Illinois.

June 16th, 2014, also marked the 35th anniversary of Rich Koz's first appearance as Son of Svengoolie, on June 16th, 1979. He has, since 1994, carried on the mantle as just 'Svengoolie.'

The text of this is so overwritten (intentionally I presume) it's a sight to behold and would make Lovecraft and Poe proud. So I'll will reproduce it here in all of its musty glory:
		HR1041		LRB098 21090 GRL 58868 r


2		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz has been known to millions across the
3		nation, in the City of Chicago, and, of course, Berwyn, as
4		legendary horror host Svengoolie for the last 35 years; and
5		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz first became a writer for the original
6		"Svengoolie", Jerry G. Bishop, in 1973; and
7		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz first donned the legendary top hat,
8		makeup, wig, and tuxedo costume of Svengoolie, armed with only
9		a rubber chicken, first from 1979 to 1986 as the "Son of
10		Svengoolie" on WFLD in Chicago, showing an ever-expanding, full
11		range of science fiction and horror films on Saturday nights;
12		and
13		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz wrote, acted in, and produced the
14		innovative children's program "The Koz Zone" on WFLD from 1986
15		to 1988; and
16		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz was given the rights to be "Svengoolie"
17		in his own right and has performed as the legendary host since
18		1994 on WCIU in Chicago; and
19		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz took "Svengoolie" to a national audience
20		in 2011 on the Chicago based Me-TV Network; and


		HR1041	- 2 -	LRB098 21090 GRL 58868 r

1		    WHEREAS, As Svengoolie, Rich Koz has brought countless
2		generations of families around the television to enjoy his
3		unique sense of humor and film knowledge; and
4		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz has developed a cast of characters to
5		accompany Svengoolie in these tasks as the "King of Horror
6		Hosts", such as Tombstone and Kerwyn, to add humor and fun to
7		Saturday night sci-fi programing; and
8		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz has dutifully continued the great Chicago
9		legacy of local programs featuring drive-in style late night
10		horror like Creature Features, Screaming Yellow Theater, and
11		others; and
12		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz, through his syndicated show
13		"Stooge-a-Palooza", shared his life-long passion for the
14		comedy trio with new generations of Three Stooges fans; and
15		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz has diligently and respectfully followed
16		in the path of great Chicago television innovators in local
17		programing like Frazier Thomas, Bill Jackson, Bob Bell, Ray
18		Rayner, and the beloved Jerry G. Bishop; and
19		    WHEREAS, In 2004, Rich Koz was recognized as a member of
20		the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences Silver


		HR1041	- 3 -	LRB098 21090 GRL 58868 r

1		Circle, honoring at least 25 years of broadcasting excellence;
2		and
3		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz is highly respected in his field; he was
4		the recipient of the acclaimed Rondo Award as "Horror Host of
5		the Year" in 2009 and again in 2012 by the fans across the
6		nation in the horror community; and
7		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz as Svengoolie is amongst Chicago's most
8		visible personalities making numerous public appearances
9		throughout the year; and
10		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz's work-ethic and tirelessness proves he
11		is a native son of Illinois; and
12		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz was a graduate of Maine East High School
13		and attended Northwestern University in Evanston; and
14		    WHEREAS, Rich Koz has tirelessly performed all of these
15		tasks and continues to do so, despite suffering 2 heart
16		attacks; he recovered to be stronger and better than ever,
17		thanks largely to his family and fans; and
18		    WHEREAS, Svengoolie's legendary set and coffin will be part
19		of the permanent display at the Museum of Broadcast
20		Communications in Chicago; and


		HR1041	- 4 -	LRB098 21090 GRL 58868 r

1		    WHEREAS, Without Svengoolie, Saturday nights in millions
2		of households across the nation would be like Halloween without
3		candy and scary movies; therefore, be it
6		we designate October 31, 2014 as Svengoolie/Rich Koz Day in the
7		State of Illinois in his honor of Rich Koz and his work; and be
8		it further
9		    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
10		presented to Rich Koz as a symbol of our esteem and respect.

See, I knew there was a benefit to living in a corrupt State, they pass oodles of unnecessary fluff. Last thing our state can be called out on is a Do Nothing Congress.
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Illinois: Wasting taxpayer dollars (and time) since 1818. I guess I'm more surprised that this was filed by 50th District Rep. Kay Hatcher. It would've made more sense coming from one of Berwyn's state representatives given all the free publicity Svengoolie has given that town over the years.

It is a pretty nice honor for Rich Koz, though. Hopefully, WCIU does something nice on Halloween to recognize it.
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