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Originally Posted by MorallySound View Post
Wrong. There are a few of us on this forum that have a lot of love for VHS still. And that's enough! Hell, I've got a VHS tattoo and I'm in the middle of opening up a local video rental store that will be renting exclusively VHS (with most titles still not on DVD or extremely hard to find)!
I hope that biz does well, I miss places like that from my youth. Best of luck to ya!

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I received mine (black...phew!) last week...pretty cool. Sounds great.
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Deadly Spawn hits Jersey?
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So, did anybody pick up the VHS re-release? Limited to 100... and it probably looks better than the Blu-ray. Bonus DVD included.

I own the Killing Spree VHS/DVD (rare extended workprint!) that SRS released, which was quite nice.
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Meh, SRS releases don't really interest me. I have the Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers release, but other than that one, I don't find any of their releases to be that great. The artwork isn't that eye catching, and they are usually priced on the high end. I was going to pull the trigger on Deadly Spawn (and Blood Feast) as it is one of my favorites, but it just doesn't look that "cool".
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