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Your Opinion of Troma Films.

I was talking to my cousin's friends husband the other day. It turns out he is a big horror fan and especially Troma films. Me not being a Troma fan I thought I would be nice and told him that I like their enthusiasm for the genre which is not a lie and I do respect them for that. Saying that I couldn't help but think to myself how could you Love Troma? For the most part I think their films are amateurish, adolescent garbage. So what do you feel about Troma in General and if you do love them let me know what the appeal is to you.
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The Fiend
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I love Troma!

However, do I love every film they put out/release? No. But they are a definate love/hate company. There is no middle man. And I'm on the love side. I'll go into more detail of why I love Troma, but I gotta go to work now, so I'll comment later today.
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I love them for what they are... goofy fun films to watch, have fun and not take too seriously!
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I dunno. I used to be a big fan, but that has faded a little nowadays. I enjoyed their stuff when watching it drunk and high with my friends, but those times are behind me now
Actually, it was one of their more recent efforts (Terror Firmer) that kinda put me off. It was too chaotic and stupid. It didn't have the chutspah Toxic Avenger, Sgt. Kabukiman or even Clss of Nuke'em High had. Also, Kaufman kinda started working on my nerves after watching all those identical extra's. Times and people change. Troma will always have that special place in my heart, but when I revisit them now, it's purely out of nostalgia.
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I like Troma, but I also recognize that they put out a lot of garbage and take pains to stay away from the worst of it. Terror Firmer is actually one of my favorite Troma films, but I can see why it might not appeal to everyone.
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I like about 70% of what they put out. Their stuff is alot of fun. I appreciate that they use no cgi and work the best they can on a very little budget. I support them.
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I've made it no secret here that I REALLY don't like Troma. I honestly don't give a damn that they're indie because not everything that's indie deserves my support. Whether their effects are done by hand or by computer, I'm sure they'd suck either way. Lloyd Kaufman grates on my nerves and that's me being awfully generous and diplomatic. Seeing him doing that moronic goofy trademark face of his is enough to send me into seizures and his introductions are even worse. Not to mention the desperate buffoons they find to participate in their DVD intros and extras. Who the hell wants to sit through their lame non-jokes before seeing whatever movie it is that they've undoubtedly given a shoddy release? The movies they produce aren't even bad in a good way for me. They're just awful and unwatchable, and I thrive on bad movies and cheese.

Quite frankly, their non-Troma DVD releases are shameful and basically seem like they're an afterthought... merely a vehicle to promote their other shitty Troma material. It's as if they took The Children or The Stendhal Syndrome and totally wiped their asses with them, leaving nothing behind but the stain and stench of Toxie. I swear, my Stendhal Syndrome DVD packaging has to have at least THIRTY Toxie heads on it. Ridiculous and terribly amateur looking, and you know they could do better if they cared enough about the buying audience. Their DVD art designers clearly suck and couldn't make a classy looking DVD set if they wanted to. It almost makes me wonder if Lloyd went out on the streets of NYC and just grabbed the first schmoe he found and set him in front of MS Paint for a few bucks. They're just shitty all around. I don't even know if I can find one good thing to say about them. Even when I was a kid I really couldn't get into their movies when they were shown on Up All Night. To each his own, of course, but as far as I'm concerned, if it's got a Toxie head on it or Lloyd's ugly mug, I just say HELL NO.
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Im a Troma fan, ive been watching these movies for a while and they are hit or miss(miss for the most part) Films like Terror Firmer, Sgt Kabukiman and the Toxie series I enjoy and can rewatch plus they are great to pull out when the friends come over..I try to watch whatever they come out with to support the company because I appreciate what they are doing..

The reason they appeal to me is the films they make on the budgets in most cases 50% of the crew working on the film dont get a dime they do it cause they enjoy it I respect that.
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Troma's trash. Some trash can be good, but they are the really cheap, stinking, The Children DVD destroying, in bed with Lloyd Kaufman kind of trash I really don't like. That's not indie art. That's just gross.
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What Luna said.
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I don't think I've ever seen a Troma movie
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Originally Posted by Mok View Post
I don't think I've ever seen a Troma movie
You're all the better off that way. Don't waste your time or money.

Luna summed up my feelings towards Troma better than I could myself. Watching a Troma production is about as pleasant as hernia surgery.

The only dvds I own with the Troma name on them are a handful of the Al Adamson & Sam Sherman titles from the Independent International catalog. I enjoy the grainy video introductions to each film by Sam Sherman, but the flushed down the toilet treatment each one of these dvds has gotten from Troma sucks big time. Media Blasters for example did a far better job with their Hell's Bloody Devils than Troma did with Satan's Sadists, Dracula VS Frankenstein, Angels Wild Women, etc.
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I don't care they their films are amatuerish. I *like* amatuer films.

-- adolescent garbage--

But this I totally agree with, and I can't stand it. And Lloyd is such a tosser I can't stand to watch or listen to him. They're licensed some decent stuff (and ruined the DVD releases), but their own material is junk.
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I agree 100% with what Luna said. I almosted wanted to burn my copy of Kaufman's filmmaking book after watching the first five minutes of Terror Firmer and promptly deleting that fucker from my hard drive. I like the original Toxic Avenger and Mother's Day, and I really like some of the films they distribute (Bloodsucking Freaks, The Stendhal Syndrome, among others), but other than those I will be avoiding their movies at all costs.

Lloyd Kaufman is vomitous and I now firmly believe that anything he touches will turn to shit.

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