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Friday the 13th part XIII Jason vs Jarvis 3D?

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i love that Corey says he thinks Platinum Dunes dropped the F13 franchise rights because they had no more interest, and then says "but don't quote me on that." ....and not only did they quote him on it, but they included his request not be quoted within that quote.
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This makes me think of Corey Feldman's Demonic Toys movie. I truly appreciate the man's work (his 80's work anyway), but I can't see a major studio backing this. Also, how many young people (the target audience as seen by a studio) know who the hell Tommy Jarvis is? This sounds like it's best hope at fruition is in the form of a home movie made in Corey Feldman's backyard. Which I would of course watch.
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Sounds like a good movie. I'm still waiting on the perfect Friday the 13th movie. Kind of a debate between part 2 and part 6 right now. Jason vs Jarvis would need to top part 6 which is really good to me.
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