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Fred Adelman has declared war on me...

who will survive and what will be left of them?

Zolly Becker
If you knew the whole story you'd see it my way, after all you're the dude who faked his death. You understand that the ends justify the means.
October 27

10/27, 4:10am
Fred Adelman
Fuck you. I did not fake my death and you a nothing but a piece of shit cyber-stalker. You want to take me on? You got it! I guess you don't know who you just decided to start a feud with. Just remember, your words, the ends justify the means.
October 27

10/27, 11:32am
Zolly Becker
you're not even interested to know what Allison did?


10/27, 11:38am
Zolly Becker
Allison called me a liar, when I was telling the truth. She refused to apologize. So I outed her "dealings". I figured you'd understand.

10/27, 12:08pm
Fred Adelman
Just leave her alone or you're about to have all hell fall on you. And I mean that in the harshest regard. Allison is a friend of mine and doesn't need your cyber-stalking, especially with the "plants" you have in the Code Red group (which were easy to weed out). You either leave her alone, or you will know what pressure really is. I guess you don't know too much about me, for if you did, you would not accuse me of faking my own death or making Allison's life miserable. This is your last chance.

10/27, 12:15pm
Fred Adelman
As for what Allison did: Really, it is none of my business and you shouldn't get all worked-up about it, either. It's just fucking Facebook. It's not real life. Lighten up!

10/27, 12:17pm
Zolly Becker
she called me a liar, and began to cyber stalk me. I retaliated. I was the victim and I settled the score.
figured you'd understand that.
I only mentioned the "death faking thing" because I assumed you did that or whatever to get even with some motherfuckers. Which I respect.
I know you're a good dude from our mutual contacts, and I read CritCon. That's why I reached out to you.

Fred Adelman
Considered the score settled and move on. Listen, I used to be one of the biggest hotheads on the internet, especially forums and Facebook, but I have learned to let a lot just go on its way. All this drama over calling someone a liar is not the actions of a balanced person. Prove you are one and move on. Allison is really scared. Who wants to scare a woman?
And, no, I did not fake my death. Someone I trusted hacked my account while I was in the hospital and I didn't find out about it until I got out nearly four months later. It took Facebook three weeks to restore my account and people started blaming me for faking my death. I quit Facebook because I was still really sick (I almost died) and didn't need more drama in my life.
Do me a big favor and please just leave Allison alone. Please?
And thanks for reading my site. It means a lot to me!
October 29

10/29, 10:17pm
Fred Adelman
C'mon, Zolly. Quit picking on Allison. She is just a girl. Pick on people who can take it without having a nervous breakdown. I'm asking you nicely. Time to move on from her. Pick on me if you want. I'll make it easy for you. I really don't want to see Allison be put through any more drama. She has enough in her life. Please stop.

10/29, 11:35pm
Zolly Becker
Allison needs it, don't be a white knight.
she deserves no fucking sympathy .

10/29, 11:50pm
Fred Adelman
Not being a white knight. The fact is you are a man picking on a woman. A lot of people don't like it and I am one of them. I do have the means of making you stop, so please don't make me use them. The fact that you feel like a woman doesn't deserve any sympathy shows just how childish you are acting. Some would even say that what you are doing is cyber-stalking. Since I worked in law enforcement for 20 years, all it would take is one call to have the police show up at your door and have a talk with you about cyber-stalking (which is against the law), using your own words as evidence. And I and a few other people know exactly where you live. I will make that happen if you don't stop picking on Allison and just move on with your life. I'm trying to be nice here, but you are really beginning to try my patience. If you think I am kidding, ask around about my reputation about fixing things. You will find that I have helped many people with their problems. I may bend the law, but I never break it. I really don't have to. People usually see the light when a flashlight is focused on their eyes. If they don't, there are other steps that can be taken.

10/29, 11:54pm
Zolly Becker
this why everyone talks about how crazy you are.

10/30, 12:01am
Fred Adelman
How crazy I am? Really? Am I the one cyber-stalking a woman? You are the crazy one. It seems the only people you talk to are fellow crazies like yourself. Just be prepared. That's all I am going to say.

10/30, 12:04am
Zolly Becker
have you even researched the beef?
all I'm doing is what your trying to do to me.
hows that feel mr. dead man?
and yes were all aware of the AVM beef.

10/30, 12:15am
Fred Adelman
If you can't see the difference, then there must be something wrong with you. I was brought up never to disrespect a woman, no matter how pissed off you get at her. What you are doing is against the fabric of human decency. What I am doing is talking man-to-man to you. Focus your anger on me and leave Allison alone. At least I can take it. You know Allison is a very emotional woman, so you take advantage of that. You must feel like a very big man. Researched the beef? Yes, I have. Just man-up and move on. Yes, you were wronged, but we all are every now and then. If we keep focusing on it, it will drive us crazy. It apparently already has you. As for the AVM beef: I am proud of that. I called out the moderators for not doing something about a friend of mine being racially profiled by a troll (something you know all too well about) and they booted me out. And one member accused me of faking my own death with half-truths and evidence that wasn't even circumstantial. Check out AVManiacs now to see who actually won. Move on Zolly. You are acting more and more like an unstable person.
December 3

12/3, 11:47pm
Fred Adelman
Bring it on, Zolly. Give me both barrels. You already know that I have your home address and phone number and could send it throughout the Internet. You won't have a second of peace (especially with some of the sites I could send it). Keep mentioning my name and you will see my power (as well as my legal prowess as I won a judgment against the person who hacked my account and faked my death; I would love to put my lawyers on you if you print just one lie). As for you having principles? Ha! Don't make me laugh. All your are is a tiny troll in big glasses. And I will let everyone know that you did try to order the Blus from Bill Olsen. You even gave him your address address. I told him to send them to you because business is business no matter what scum you deal with. He's thinking about it. But you bad-mouthing them before you even see them is not helping your troll case. This note is just to let you know: Bring it on!!!!! I look forward to going toe-to-toe with you, you freakish-looking piece of dog-dropping.

12/4, 12:08am
Zolly Becker
I have your info too Fred, forget about me.
Also I sent this to the Trenton FBI office, unwise calling your attacks beforehand.

12/4, 12:10am
Fred Adelman
I'm glad you did. Let's see whose house they go to. You made a BIG mistake!

12/4, 12:11am
Zolly Becker
about what?
what's your problem, I don't even know you.
I mean all you do is threaten and obsess about me, really If bill is planning on doing anything other than fulfilling my order you realize Paypal can penalize him right?
I don't get it.
I'm sorry if what I pointed out about Allison bothered you but it's not a lie.
what I did to her is nothing as far as what you're doing now.
I haven't made my desire to buy things from Bill a secret, I have no beef with him. It's you and you're bullying.

12/4, 12:19am
Fred Adelman
You are picking on people I care about. I don't care about their pasts and what they have done, they are still friends of mine. All you seem to do is issue death threats (I have one you issued in 2008 and a few more you have put on FB since then) or pick on defenseless women because they hurt your feelings. I am a dependable person who tries to fix these problems, first by acting nice and trying to talk to the person nicely (which I did with you) and if that doesn't work, I do what it takes to get the job done. I don't hate you, but I hate what you are doing. You can catch more flies with sugar than vinegar (that's what my mother use to say, God bless her heart). Leave me and my friends alone (and that also goes for your posse, too, although Tommy is a pretty decent guy) and I will leave you alone. But if I find one more post where you make light of me or my friends, all gloves are off. And you will not like that. Ask around. They will tell you.

12/4, 12:20am
Zolly Becker
death threats, hardly goodness. no
I have no quarrel against Bill either. My address and all that is not a secret, my phone number is on my page.
wait- I only joined FB in 2010. what happened in 2008?

12/4, 12:28am
Zolly Becker
do you think I'm someone else?
is that why you hate me so?

12/4, 12:34am
Fred Adelman
Sorry, That wasn't you. I apologize. It was Adam Ayala he made a death threat against Joe Quesada. I'm really sorry about getting you two mixed up, but you are doing the same thing he does, but at least you are a man enough to do it under your real name. Adam uses a bunch of pseudonyms. Just do me a favor and quit picking on Allison and we will be cool forever. You can write whatever you want about me. I'm thick-skinned and can take it, but Allison is a different story. And I did not fake my death. I hired an attorney to get the IP Address of the person who hacked my account and won a $300,000 award from the court (He never even bothered to show up, not even with a lawyer, even though the proceedings were held in his own state). Unfortunately, I will probably never see a penny because the guy puts all his money up his arm. It was never about the money anyway. I have enough to live comfortably for the rest of my life. *I would much rather not be an enemy with you. No one needs enemies in their lives. Not me. Not you.
December 4

12/4, 11:54pm
Fred Adelman
Gave you the chance to leave Allison alone. Now my harassment begins. Maybe I'll begin by seeing if your family knows what you are doing. Sent you a little email.
Glad you like my website, but I explained the death thing. See you didn't mention that in your latest post. As for William Wilson: He's a vindictive little turd that's just jealous of me because he started his little blog after I supplied him with hundreds of films. He then turned on me for no reason an was the one who accused me of faking my death with no proof (except for one of my handwritten labels that I wrote from the hospital). He even called me a liar in one of his "film reviews", which we all know is a low blow. You should look more closely into your friends, His last message to me was "Drop Dead Fred".
You really should keep your mouth shut. Now all Hell is about to break loose, The other times were just warnings, but I think I'll first start off with Glen.

12/5, 12:12am
Zolly Becker
You'll full of shit, all your threats are lies.
You're just a worm, a little sad old worm.
who's Glen?

12/5, 12:27am
Zolly Becker
also you faked you're fucking death, that's the only thing you did. I don't know what you're deal is but it's out of my hands now and for that I'm sorry. I liked you're site.

12/5, 12:35am
Zolly Becker
whatever, I called the guy in trenton again. I didn't want to but I can have you sending e-mails. A normal person would just block me. That's what he'll say.
you've done this to other people but they felt sorry for you because you still do this in you're 50's.
I bet that really makes you upset.

12/5, 12:37am
Fred Adelman
If I faked my death, prove it. So far, no one has been able to do it. The internet is a great place to start false rumors. If anyone with a lick of sense would have just Googled my name with the word "obituary", they would have seen that I wasn't dead. Instead, they take the word of worms like William Wilson (who I literally traded hundreds of films with, many of which have been reviewed on his blog) as the God's honest truth. He even wrote a film review in which he called me a liar. He broke one of the unwritten rules of film reviewing for no reason than he was pissed that I rejoined Facebook. Then stupid people started writing my obituary without doing any fact-checking. Believe what you want, Zolly, because I don't care. You mean nothing to me. And writing about something that happened two years ago just shows you have nothing to say about the here and now. And you know who Glen is. Think real hard. You seem to milk everything to death. Think about Glen really, really, hard. It will come to you.

12/5, 12:39am
Zolly Becker
you faked you're death and you love talking about how you didn't but everyone knows you did, because they like to keep you around because your a worm and a white knight.
I don't know any Geln, he's probably one of your made up people like the hacker or your 300k court case.
all of that is a lie, everything you've said is a lie. You just want attention, even if it's hate.
I don't even know why I'm wasting my time with you, but you should have known the Code Red people just laugh at you, that's why your posts get out, because they like to watch you squirm like a worm.
Allison is a prostitute, I showed you the goddamn adds. I don't see why you don't get that.
but I won't do anything because she's just a fucking poseur pushing 40 fucking old men for extra cash.
As for Bill posting people's personal info can get him in a lot of trouble, and don't think his rants aren't being watched by Drafthouses Laweres.
the only person to stick up for you only did when he thought you were dead, and then he killed himself.
you can't do anything you don't work for the government, you aren't a fed, you're nothing you're just a sad fuck who stalks people and adulates a failed company like it'll get you somewhere.
the saddest thing is the you're fake death was the only time you mattered as a person, and you know that too.

Fred Adelman
Fuck off, Zolly. You are no longer worth my time. You are nothing but a troll of the highest order who likes to stir shit up. But Glen is worth my time.
And you are just jealous because you can't become a member of the Code Red site. People have very low opinions of you there. Except for your gay friends (not that there's anything wrong with that). You think your words hurt. I just think the opposite of everything your say and out pops the truth!
I know Allison's past, but that doesn't make her a bad person. Apparently you do, but that is your problem, not hers or mine. That is something you have to work out between yourself and your psychiatrist. A person's past does not reflect on their present.
I will tell Andy Copp's family what you said. They will not be pleased.
As for William Olsen: He has good lawyers and know what he can and cannot write, So bring on your lawyers. Let's see whose posts are taken seriously and whose are taken as the writings of a troll.
And me? I'm retired. Have been for two years, since I had a kidney removed due to complications of leukemia. I have plenty of time and more than enough money from my pension and social security to live a comfortable life. So suck it.

12/5, 12:53am
Zolly Becker
you're not a worm Fred, you're awesome.

12/5, 12:59am
Zolly Becker
and I'm so jealous of the seven people on the Code Red group.

12/7, 12:50am
Fred Adelman
Like how you said you left things with me on a high note. I really don't hate you, Zolly. I just feel sorry for you. You ended your conversation with me with the words "you're not a worm Fred, you're awesome" and "and I'm so jealous of the seven people on the Code Red group" (Which is totally untrue BTW. We have over 360 members), but why is it that you get so few replies to your posts? Could it be that it is you that gets replies from seven people (and the same seven people at that)? This is my last reply to you. Use it as you feel. Make your usual fun of me at my expense, but realize one thing: It is you that are the self-hating person. I am nothing but your object of desire at this moment. It is you who will move on to pick on another victim, not me. I have finally come to realize that you are the type of person that always has to be correct, even when they know they are wrong. I have never seen you issue an apology. You call heads of Hollywood "Jews", when, in fact, you are one, too, and you always pick on people that can't reply directly to your posts. You have to edit the PMs people send you to fit your demented sense of superiority and most of my PMs I sent to you have certainly been edited to make me seem worse that I really am. Hey, I'm no angel and I'll be the first to admit it (but, unlike you, I apologize when I am wrong), but you make me look like Mother Theresa in comparison. Think about that. Have a good life and goodbye. When you are older, you will understand what I am talking about. Until then, keep making enemies which may someday come to bite you in the ass (It won't be me, since I am through with your superiority complex).

12/7, 12:57am
Zolly Becker
You faked your death and every word you say is a deluded lie.
Your also a very wormy troll,

12/7, 1:02am
Zolly Becker
You cant get my goat Fred, I am your foil.
You were bound to bump into someone like me who treats your "intimidation" as a game.
The strange thing is some people probably never got wise to what you are.
Also I post your shit verbatim because you are just that ripe for mockery.

12/10, 1:25am
Fred Adelman
Seems you have broken the intellectual property standards of Facebook. You are one step closer from being banned. That photo belongs to me and no one else. For you to use it as an object as your amusement violates Facebook's intellectual rights guidelines.

Respond to Fred's request

12/10, 11:33am
Zolly Becker
it belongs to google.

12/10, 12:08pm
Zolly Becker
I also expected a little better, this one was a weaker one.

12/10, 7:49pm
Zolly Becker
It's the same pic as on your many loving obituaries.

12/10, 11:41pm
Fred Adelman
Did you see my wall photo? Pervert!

12/10, 11:43pm
Zolly Becker
you'll have to describe it, I don't know what you mean.

12/10, 11:48pm
Fred Adelman
It explains itself.

12/10, 11:50pm
Zolly Becker
oh, I was just talking about "My Girl" the other day. It's weird how you'll bring up Macauley Culkin, and then you'll start seeing it more and more.
really though, you can't piss me off. You're a figure of fun to me now.

Fred Adelman
Not trying to piss you off . Just a little tit for tat. I'll let the people make up their own mind. A lot of people have already PMd me laughing at that photo and saying how true it is. Like I said, a little tit for tat that you are going to have to live with.

Zolly Becker
but I don't care, you cant bother me.
I'm untrollable.

Fred Adelman
We'll see.

Zolly Becker
I am surprised you haven't given up yet, actually.

Fred Adelman
You really have a lot to learn about me. We're going to take this right to the end. I never give up. Never. But if you give up, I will do the gentlemanly thing and let you bow out gracefully, even though you don't deserve it. I'm a fair man, but rub me the wrong way and just see everything that happens, You should ask around. I've fixed many problems for many people. And how do you fix a problem like Zolly? Why you act just like Zolly does and then take it to the next level. The next level comes very shortly so you should decide what you are going to do: Step up the harassment or bow out like a normal man would.

Zolly Becker
see that's a better one.

Fred Adelman
Glad you like it. Post it on your board and make fun of me. My fun comes in a little while.

Zolly Becker
You cant do anything except make up absurd lies and threats, it's your MO. You just got unlucky with me.
I mean really, google yourself even.
You're just a cotinuing sourse of odd amusement.

Fred Adelman
Also forgot to tell you I got some good anecdotes from Gary when I talked to him on the phone. I think a lot of people would like to hear them.

Zolly Becker
The next level is you making absurd threats and fantastic lies, and it gets mocked.
Eventually you'll get exausted and block me, I give it a generous 6 weeks.
I know your pattern well enough.
See, thats made up too.
Not even a good bluff, but I imagine it worked previously.

Fred Adelman
Oh, I will never block you. You are now my piece of clay that I can mold into whatever shape I want to. This is going to be fun. Or at least I am going to have fun. You can try contacting my parents, but I hope you have a special phone that can talk to the dead. I feel like a giddy little schoolboy who is about to go on a grand adventure through Zollyland. First stop: Zolly, the younger years.

Zolly Becker
Your plan is to try to scare me, but I know all the same long distance intimation tricks.
I suppose you could send the Mothman after me...
that had some weird homo-erotic subtext in it.

Fred Adelman
You keep mentioning the Mothman like it bothers me. It doesn't. Check page 111 of the hardcover book WEIRD N.J. Vol. 1 and you can read my story. I'm not ashamed of it. Seems you don't believe that things exist that can't be explained. It happens everyday and I was glad to be part of it. You think it embarrasses me, but it doesn't. I'm proud of the experience. And BTW: I wasn't the only person in the area to see it. I was just the closest person to it. I also saw a UFO over the Wanague reservoir when I was a kid in 1966. Both stories can easily be verified by doing a quick search in Google ("UFO WANAQUE RESERVOIR", "BIRDMAN WANAQUE NJ). Too bad you think they are bad things that happened to me. It was an honor to experience both. I even got to meet a couple of real Men In Black who told me not to say anything about what I saw. About two weeks later, I received a huge package that turned out to be a condensed version of Project Blue Book with all the names and dates redacted. I never did find out who sent it to me since it had no return address, but I read every page. My opinion: UFOs don't exist. It's all government experimentation. No homo-erotic content (although I think you wish there were so you could masturbate to it), just the plain and simple truth. You would probably shit your pants if something like that happened to you, but I was never scared by such things. I am always the first in a group to go outside to check a noise or open a door to a house that may seem scary on the outside. You see, nothing scares me. I was born without the fear gene. Even when I was diagnosed with leukemia over two years ago, I wasn't afraid. I fought like hell to remain alive (which I did, since I was in remission for almost two years) because I believe there is nothing but blackness after you die (none of that religious mumbo-jumbo that 98% of the world swallows like pablum) and this is the only life we have. So whatever you try to do to me is so insignificant, it barely registers with me. I have seen and done things that would make your knees knock with fear. So do your best. My best will be much, much better. And I do expect this to be a part of your home page.

Zolly Becker
but I know how much I'm bothering you, my refusal to be "afraid" is really bugging you out. You're just a worm Fred. Like a chick who calls a dude 3700 times because she's a control freak.

Fred Adelman
I never use phones. Nice try. You are worried. I can see it in your writing. And rightfully so. And what would you know about women? You are a 25 year-old virgin. Remember: Masturbation isn't a date.

Zolly Becker
no, just amused.
I don't know why you choose to keep humiliating yourself, but I don't care. It's great material.

Fred Adelman
"Amused" is just your code word for scared. And you should be. I'm a man with nothing to lose (really I actually have nothing to lose). I would be "amused" if I were you. I'm going to make it my mission to expose you for the phony you are. And it's gonna hurt. You are nothing but a scared little boy. A big man on the keyboard and a wimp in person. People are going to know all about it you trolly little Zolly. Put that on your wall and watch it come true day-by-day as I expose secrets from your life. One thing I have always noticed is how you answer most of your own posts because you have so few Facebook friends. And the ones you have are trolls themselves or are just agreeing with you because they live the same lonely lives. And why does your dog look so sad in all the photos

Fred Adelman

Zolly Becker
honestly and totally truthfully, I find you funny. I use you for purposes of group mockery.

Fred Adelman
Animals are great barometers for weeding out the good from the bad. I bet that poor dog doesn't even give you unconditional love. Poor little trolly Zolly. Can't even get love from his own pet. You are lucky you have hands so you can masturbate. It's probably the only love you get. Even your father doesn't think very much of you. 25 years-old, living at your parents' home and still in college with no prospects. Poor, poor, trolly Zolly.

Zolly Becker
You've done this to others, but never to someone who enjoys it.
you really aren't bothering me, you give me something to do.
eventually you'll block me and make up a story, but until then I want to get the most use out of you. Your posts are gold.

Fred Adelman
You want me to block you, which is why I never will. Poor, poor trolly Zolly. Your life is about to become a living Hell. Secrets are about to be revealed, not just here but on all of Facebook. Since Facebook's rules are so lax, I'm going to expose you to all of Facebook and who knows? It may go viral! I hope you are still amused when I am done with you. I know your parents won't be. Picked on the wrong person this time and you are about to feel what it feels like to be on the other end of the torment.

Zolly Becker
Hang in there baby.
It's all on google, or my page.
You will block me because you don't get the joke, you are the joke. And it hurts you terribly, driving you nuts.

Fred Adelman
Why are you always mentioning me blocking you? I will never do that. You are a scared little kid who thinks he's a big man because he thinks he is being witty at someone else expense. You and John Grace, Tommy Reece and Head Cheese (or what other fake name he uses because he can't use his real name because he's probably a pedophile or wanted for bestiality) can make fun of me all they want. It doesn't bother me one bit. You should be sad because you only have three friends who answer your posts. That is pitiful. And when you factor in all your responses to your own posts because no one will pay attention to you, it is even more pitiful. Poor, poor trolly Zolly. I'm glad I amuse you. Be prepared to be amused to death.

Zolly Becker
Don't do personal death threats, that's how FB fucks people.

Fred Adelman
It wasn't a death threat. It was the title of a Roger Waters album. You should listen to it. If I were to make an actual death threat, you would know it. Actually I wouldn't make a death threat at all. We would just meet face-to-face.

Zolly Becker
You'd have to leave your house for that...

Fred Adelman
Goodbye for now. Have a doctor's appointment. We'll be talking later.

Zolly Becker
Take care
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Mutilated Prey
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I don't know enough of the background here to really judge, but you both sound like broken records and have too much time on your hands.

I don't know Allison, or what she did (called you a liar?). I don't know if Fred faked his own death or not - who cares? All I know is that he has hooked me up with some killer DVD's in the past for free and was pretty nice about it.

I don't have all day to read this huge post line-by-line, but off the cuff it sounds like you're pushing his buttons with no real reasoning. Hence, why I stated I don't know enough of the background - I guess he came to Allison's defense? Maybe you should both just move on? What are we gaining here? Pride? Justification?
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Who the hell are these people, and why did I just read a thread of them bickering about Allison?

In sum, to Zollman,
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Fred runs Critical Condition.
He also faked his death and stalks people
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Then it's war!

They got guns, we got guns.
All God’s chil 'lun got guns.

We're gonna walk all over the battlefield.
'Cause all God's chil 'lun got guns!
The combined weight of the horrors I have authored wrought would crush your carbon hearts into perfect diamonds of terror!

A Few Ants Short. And what the hell, check out my DVD Collection won't you?
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Originally Posted by msw7 View Post
Who the hell are these people, and why did I just read a thread of them bickering about Allison?

In sum, to Zollman,
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Didn't you already wage war on Cliff from SF and Shawn F earlier this year??

Facebook wars...gotta love 'em.
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Zolly, what are you hoping to accomplish by this? Sympathy? That we side with you? Collective mockery of Fred?

Seriously, internet games like this, that people indulge in with great enthusiasm and childish glee, are unnecessary. And posting the whole conversation on horror forums to generate attention and stigmatize one of the involved parties is dubious at best.

I've had some misunderstandings with Fred over at the code red FB page. He has strong opinions and speaks them direcly, even about people, but that does not justify this.

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Zollman... I've seen you around on FB, undoubtedly because of a mutual interest in some DVD/Blu publishing company. The first time I saw your nick on here, the thought briefly occupied my mind that it was the same person... likely because the name 'Zolly' is far from common. Now that that's straightened out:

SEEK HELP. SEEK IT NOW. After seeing your comments on there and the emo-drama you posted on here, I don't think you realize how piss-poor your social situation is. You have to be one of the most cynical, shut-in, lifeless individuals I've encountered on the good ol' web (and I'm almost ashamed to admit that I've played World of Warcraft!).

I repeat: SEEK HELP.
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This thread serves no purpose. Should be locked into oblivion.
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Who the hell is Fred Adelman?

Seriously... I've never heard of the guy before now.
"We know nothing in reality; for truth lies in an abyss." - Democritus

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This is depressing.
"Only on Horrordvds.com could a well intentioned get well thread turn into an infomercial about the propensity for testicular perspiration".

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I really hope this thread is deleted by a moderator. This kind of garbage shouldn't tolerated here.
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Zollman, time to move on ... tis the season. And did you really post a picture of you and your opponent at the end ... lol ... I have no words!
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