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The Incident (1967)

I guess this could qualify as an exploitation flick. I just checked out this movie and I'm floored. What a great gripping film. Martin Sheen and Tony Musante (The Bird with the Crystal Plumage) do an amazing job portraying a couple of punks who terrorize a bunch of people on a subway. You could really see where a film like this would of been an influence on later flicks like Last House on the left and Funny Games. Really good stuff. I don't think there is a DVD out but if you have the chance to catch it, I highly recommend it.

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Erick H.
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Saw it as a kid,remember it as a very claustraphobic little number,deserves a decent release.
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One hell of a great movie. Also starring Beau Bridges a real good performance from Ed McMahon. I think the only movie he was ever in.
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Very good film...saw it on cable a couple of years back. Sheen and Musante played off of each other very well.
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