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Completed this over the weekend. Basically it just ends after the last mission. You can load up your save file which brings you to your camp just before you pursue the last mission. Things were getting out of control. Infestations, Hordes every couple of minutes so I admittedly ended it out of necessity. Still in the Savini house. I think my opportunity to get the warehouse had gone by. I just couldn't seem to keep my head above water. It was beginning to wear out it's welcome in that way. Very fun game overall though. Great value for what you pay.
-2 for the strange glitches and unsteady frame-rate.
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I stared to play it yesterday and it worth every penny. Anyone could tell me how long the game is? More than 4 hours?
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New Sandbox Mode for State of Decay

Originally Posted by Gamerassaultweekly
A few more details on Undead Labs’ game State of Decay’s sandbox mode have finally surfaced. In sandbox mode there is no story campaign, the only goal is to survive as long as you can. Players are free to set up base anywhere they want on the map and carry on their days collecting supplies and fortifying their outposts. However, all resources are finite and will eventually run out.

When that happens, players will need to run to the edge of town where they can find a broken down RV. Once that’s reached, the focus of the game shifts to doing whatever is necessary to repair the RV and then getting all the survivors you’ve gathered to it. That’s when Undead Labs likes to twist the knife, “There won’t be room for everyone (we’re still working out the exact numbers). You’ll have to leave a lot behind, including some close friends. But at least you’ll have hope. That’s more than can be said for those who remain in the valley.”

Once your choice is made, it’s off you go to a “new” town. We say “new” because the town is essentially the same, except that resources have respawned and the zombie hordes are now stronger and more numerous. There the process repeats, going from town to town with the odds increasingly stacked against you. It becomes a war of attrition to see how long the players can hold out. Players can keep track of their progress in comparison to others with new achievements and by their rankings on the leader boards.

This comes in addition to Undead Labs previous reveal that they would be bringing State of Decay to the PC market later this year, along with a recently announced update which will fix bugs and allow players to bring NPC’s on missions.
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cool news also this game has played a lot better after the 2nd title update
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Holy fuckin shit yeah!!!!
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