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Mutilated Prey
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Resolution (2012)

Just watched this quirky little Indie film that I think some of you might enjoy. It has a cool concept, but is a tad bit bland and light on execution which hinders us the viewer to draw a valid conclusion on what's going on. It's one of those 'draw your own conclusion' type of flicks, and after throwing some ideas around it seems there's a clear cut answer. Check it out in your free time, but don't go in with high expectations. The characters and acting, along with the mystery is enough to keep most intrigued.

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Master of Doom
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I watched it about six months ago, and it was surprisingly good. The ending was kinda out there, but overall it was an above average indie flick. Recommended.
"We know nothing in reality; for truth lies in an abyss." - Democritus

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I watched it on NetFlix (I think they had it there before it even hit disc) and thought it was a total snoozer. The idea was poorly executed and it totally missed the mark. But the reviewers seemed to go gaga for it, so it's probably just me.
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