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Zombie Dude
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Iron Man 3 (trailer could be soon!)

Well I'm sure most of you know this film is in the works and I for one am pretty excited for it. The trailer is apparently ready for people to see but we need to unlock it. How do we do that? Well go to their Facebook page and like it to help charge the arch reactor to 100%

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Thanks for the info, but this should be in the Other Movies section imo.
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Thrash or be Thrashed
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I just watched this and didn't get that same feeling I did when I watched the first two. It seemed disjointed (too comical and with long ranting scenes) and the idea that The Mandarin was just a stage name / alter ego (puppet) seemed wasted. I think the next Iron Man movie should have the real Mandarin in it and all this was just a game to see if Stark was a worthy adversary.
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