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Arrow Titles Nearing OOP Status

4 more Arrows titles have now been added to the critical list and are very close to selling out completely! The titles are as follows:

-Big Trouble in Little China SteelBook: http://bit.ly/1fFHYIM
-Hell Comes to Frogtown: http://bit.ly/L64IJS
-Hellgate: http://bit.ly/1gBKpye
-Lifeforce SteelBook: http://bit.ly/1fFHUJ5

Once these are gone they won't be reprinted so if you are thinking about picking up one of these beauts up I would recommend getting it now!
Too much definition hurts my eyes because of the artificial look of things!
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Not sure if it's true or not, but there was a rumor about Arrow losing the rights to Squirm sometime in the near future. Another one that might be worth picking up now while you still can.

Again, a rumor.
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Wasn't Hellgate just released?
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Originally Posted by Ash28M View Post
Wasn't Hellgate just released?
Yes, but it was strictly a limited edition of 1,000 copies.
"There are no heroes...in life, the monsters win." - George R.R. Martin

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