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Remaking My Soul
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Goofy Hypothetical: What Would You Like to See in an 8-Pack?

This thread was such a big hit (and made me so psyched to get the DVD that I almost squealed when it came in the mail) that I've been fascinated by something: what lesser-known movies mixed with movies not yet on DVD would you like to see in a set like this if it were somehow an option- regardless of rights' ownership?


1 (This is good, it really deserves more attention)

2 (More just for completist's sake)

3 (This I want to see but... not for $20 by itself)

4 (I keep thinking of buying this but somehow the thought of being in an 8-pack would make me feel less guilty for blind-buying)

5 (Why? Because I'm pissed at Scream Factory)

6 (Oh... why the hell not?)

7 (Again, the blind-buying thing makes me nervous)

8 (This also really deserves more recognition, it was pretty decent)

As for the 6-pack, which kind of played catch-up to Lionsgate's far more interesting 8-pack (and 976-Evil 2 and Bud the Chud were just plain good movies), I'll just say I'd be interested to see original, unedited (un-PG'd) cuts of Prom Night's 3 & 4 in a set with something like Dolly Dearest, The Howlings 5 & 6 and maybe The Return of Swamp Thing.

Can't really think of anything else (I had something and I lost it). Anyone else have any ideas?
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Erick H.
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I would like a fully restored box set of classic TV Horror films from the 1970's and 80's.Many of these have turned up in bargain bin versions (usually VHS rips) a few have had nice stand alone releases but I think a box set is LONG overdue.Again,the rights are all over the map,but as long as we are ''blue skying'' it,I'd like a set with The Night Stalker,The Night Strangler,Curse Of The Black Widow,Spectre,Trilogy Of Terror Trilogy Of Terror 2,The Night Gallery,and Duel.Actually there are enough of these oldies out to create several box sets and they would all be worthwhile to nostalgic horror buffs.
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A box set of A.I.P. Home Video movies would be nice, though a few have found their way to DVD ("Soultaker") others by bootleg-ish companies ("Elves").

A box set of Epic Production releases (The Immortalizer, Mom, Blood Games, Legion of Iron). They released most of their output through RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video back in the 90s, and a majority of them now belonging to MGM if I'm not mistaken.

I would also love to see most of Raedon Home Video releases on DVD. They put out some amazing trash, with "Dead Girls (1990)" being one of my favorites.
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Set one:
1. The Nostril Picker
2. Goremet: Zombie Chef From Hell
3. Phantom Brother
4. Pitchfork Massacre
5. The Abomination
6. Dead Girls
7. Rock a Die Baby
8. Death Doll

Second Set:

1. Fatal Games
2. Last Dance (1992 - was on a recalled Brentwood 4 pack)
3. Silent Madness
4. Sorority Girls and the Creature From Hell
5. Alison's Birthday
6. Lunch Meat
7. Jugular Wine
8. Elves
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Remaking My Soul
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Shit! I forgot The Sleeping Car. Does that even have a DVD release yet? If not, put that right with The Borrower and Ghost Town as films which deserve one.

Also, I wanted to mention Nightscare / Beyond Bedlam in my original list but couldn't find a link for the trailer anywhere. (Maybe Video Detective's got one.)
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