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Horny Spirit
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Fellow Canucks, check Dollarama and Giant Tiger stores

Great deals on tons of blu-ray combos, mostly from Mill Creek, all new and for 3 bucks. Check bins in both stores or the movie shelves. Lots to pick through and DVDs and series, too.

Galaxina/ The Crate Lake Monster
Happy Birthday to Me/When A Stranger Calls (original)
Hostel/Hostel 2
Anatomy/Anatomy 2
Hollow Man/Hollow Man 2
Universal Soldier: The Return / Second in Command

and lots more dramas, mysteries, comedies etc. Probably about thirty different combos in all. Even some genuine spaghetti westerns.
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Nice! Thanks for the tip.
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I got the Hostel/Hostel 2 Blu at Giant Tiger in Arnprior, ON; amazing deal.
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Yeah, thanks! Will check it out tomorrow
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