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It's beer time.
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I believe CONAN THE DESTROYER was the first VHS---we had to rent the VCR too...we were a little late to it, it was 1985. My dad bought a VCR not long after.


My first Blu-Ray was DAWN OF THE DEAD.
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The Duke of New York
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Can't remember my first VHS or Blu-ray for some reason. My first DVD was "Jacob's Ladder." I remember that because I was blown away at the amount of special features.
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Man, I couldn't even tell you the first VHS I watched...maybe Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Masters of the Universe? Some Children's Circle Reading Program? I'd have to ask my Mother to see if she'd know. I am guessing its either kid related or something my dad let me watch with him.

I know the only reason my parents bought a VCR was to record movies off of Cinemax, Showtime, HBO, etc...wasn't even necessarily to rent movies.

I am pretty sure the first actual VHS I bought personally was Terminator 2. I don't even know why I felt the need to own it because we (my family) already had it recorded T2 onto a VHS.
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The Fiend
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First VHS: I can't remember what the first VHS I actually purchased or watched was because I would have been too young to remember. But one of the first VHS that I was given that I remember quite clearly was getting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Christmas.

First CED watched: Rolling Thunder
First CED purchased: Rolling Thunder

First DVD watched and purchased: Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn (Limited Edition Anchor Bay tin)

First Blu-ray watched: WALL-E
First Blu-ray purchased: Faces of Death

First 16mm feature watched: 7 Golden Vampires
First 16mm feature purchased: Scorchy

First 35mm feature watched: All Dog's Go to Heaven (also the first film I ever saw, and at a drive-in no less)
First 35mm feature purchased: Andy Warhol's Blood for Dracula
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VHS - Carrie
DVD - The Blair Witch Project
Blu-Ray - Vacancy
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VHS - Hook was the first one I bought, but I have no idea what the first one I watched was
DVD - T2 Ultimate Edition and Dark City. Not sure which I watched first.
Blu Ray - Batman Begins, The Ruins, The Searchers, Rambo Trilogy, & Rambo. Once again, not sure which of those I watched first.
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Mark Relford
Chairman of the Bored
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Post Purchased

VHS- Return of the Living Dead (HBO video)

DVD- Dawn of the Dead (flipper disc) and Blade

Blu- The Road Warrior and Full Metal Jacket
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Mr. Eddy
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Laserdisc - rented Dawn of the Dead, first bought was TCM Elite
DVD - first bought and watched SGT. Kabukiman NYPD- got a dvd player just for that film since there was no vhs release in sight and would constantly see the dvd at media Play
Blu Ray- first bought was AC/DC- Let There Be Rock, first watched was The Thing(carpenter version)
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First VHS: Terminator 2
First DVD: Nightmare on Elm Street
First Blu-Ray: Iron Man.
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Morso a morte
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First reel-to-reel video watched: Star Wars (a long time ago in a house far away)

First 16 mm movie watched: Dragonslayer (a friend of my Dad's brought it over; I was 11 and very impressed by the dragon)

No clue for VHS. I've never owned a laserdisc or laserdisc player.

DVD: Dark City (used - before internet discounts, DVDs were freaking expensive!). I paid full price for Young Frankenstein ($30), and I remember when I bought and watched Seven I was amazed at how much better the picture was compared to the VHS - I could clearly see the rain in the DVD picture.

VCD: Either The Imp (Ivan Lai; the uncut version was hard to find on DVD) or Remains of a Woman (not sure if it was ever released on DVD).

Blu-ray: Repo! The Genetic Opera (I got it for free before I even had a blu-ray player, it was the first one I watched)

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First VHS watched was either Star Wars or Dawn of the Dead
First VHS rented: Benji and Bonnie & Clyde (don't know how the hell I remember that)
First VHS purchased: Wizard of Oz
First DVD purchased: either Cat People (1982) or Cruel Intentions
First Blu-Ray watched: Halloween
First Blu-Ray purchased: Jaws
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First DVD's:Night of the Living Dead(1990),The Stand,Blair Witch Project
First Blu-rays:Night of the Werewolf/Vengeance of the Zombies,Cabin Fever
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DVD: Blade and Tomorrow Never Dies (I didn't have a DVD Player so I watched them on my new $2500 HP computer)
Blu-ray: Casino Royale
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The Tall Man
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VHS - Bloodsucking Freaks
DVD - Detroit Rock City
Laserdisc - Maniac
Bluray - The Devils Rejects
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Originally Posted by Anaestheus View Post
I came out right around Christmas and I had decided to buy myself a PlayStation because I wanted to play Heavy Rain.
Congratulations on your brave decision. We all support you here at horrordvds.
"They said they were going skinny dipping. But I'm not skinny enough."

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