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How Many OOP DVDs/BDs Do You Own?

I was just finding about about several DVDs I own that have gone Out of Print and are going for big bucks on Amazon and other places when I decided to start a thread about the subject. These titles are among my most prized possessions, not just because they're OOP but because I happen to love the films themselves. My list:

The Quiet Earth - Anchor Bay Steelbook
Ritual (Code Red) + sealed copy
Dead Alive (Lionsgate)
Fright Night (Twilight Time)
The Redeemer + sealed copy
Scared To Death (Retromedia) - going for $200+ on Amazon(!)
One Dark Night + sealed copy
Superstition (Anchor Bay) + sealed copy
The Bird With the Crystal Plumage (Blue Underground)
Madman (Anchor Bay) sealed copy
Neon Maniacs (Anchor Bay)
The Manitou (Anchor Bay)
Sweet Sixteen (Code Red) love the alternate opening.
Exterminators of the Year 3000 (Code Red)

What about you guys?
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its too hard to count. especially when some mainstream titles just drift out of print without a big deal being made, like the 2 disc Zodiac blu. But I am fairly proud (is that the right word? maybe I should be ashamed.) of the fact that i own all the OOP Criterion titles with the exception of The Killer and A Woman is a Woman.
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Hellbound Heart
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I really have no idea how many, but there are a ton of OOP titles in my collection.

But alot of older Anchor Bay titles, Code Red titles, Retromedia, NoShame Films, Subversive Cinema, Elite Entertainment, Madacy, Platinum Disc, etc...
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Between special editions, limited editions and Criterion discs, I too have no idea what I own that is OOP these days. Of the ones that I know of that I am really glad I picked up though:

Pierrot Le Fou (BD)
The Man Who Fell To Earth (BD and DVD, Criterion and Anchor Bay)
Pig (Cult Epics)
All the Bunuel films on Criterion
Dead Ringers (Criterion)
The original release of Alien on DVD (has a different commentary track)
Sergio Martino's films that NoShame released
The Book of the Dead editions for Evil Dead 1 & 2
The Wooden Box edition for Wicker Man
Suspiria (3-disc set)
Shining - I have the original Warners DVD which was presented in 4x3 (which may have been Kubrick's prefered)
Dust Devil (4-disc set)
Giallo Collection (from Anchor Bay)
The Chaplin Collections 1 & 2 (at least until Criterion releases the rest of them)
The Hammer Collection (I have most of these DVD releases from Anchor)
The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover
The Killer (multiple versions with different commentaries)
Hard Boiled (multiple versions with different commentaries)

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i have a whole bunch of OOP Laserdiscs...
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Between Madacy, New Concorde, BCI, Anchor Bay, Code Red, Retromedia, Shriek Show, Something Weird and MGM I have hundreds of OOP discs.
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Sam & Dean Winchester
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I have quite a bit, one of them being Fright Night. I have over 20, at least. I have been buying DVD's since January of 1998, when I purchased my first DVD player for $550.00, just a few months after they came out. Now I strickly buy Blu-Ray, or Blu-Ray/DVD Combos.
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Old 02-22-2013, 01:02 AM   #8
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I'm not sure about some if they're OOP, so let me know if I get one wrong...

Phantasm (MGM disc with the convention footage)
I Spit on Your Grave: ME
Martin (AB)
Bird with Crystal Plummage (BR)
Suspiria (3 disc version)
Silent Night, Deadly Night 1&2 (On a single disc)
The Wicker Man (Came in the wooden box)
Red Cross Sleepaway Camp Box Set (With bonus 4 disc)

Also I got some rares dvds & blus from other regions:
Phantasm Silver Sphere Box Set
Hellraiser III: UR
Hell Night
ROTLD: BR (With original soundtrack) (not oop yet I just like bragging)
Demons I & II steelbook (not oop yet I just like bragging)

Code Red Limited releases:
Sweet Sixteen
Nightmare (30th Annivarsary)
Silent Scream
Beyond the Door (2 disc)
The Dead Pit
Night of the Demon

I keep my dvd profiler link updated so you can see my complete collection there.


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I have quite a few but the ones that seem to be the most "famous" are the Barrel "Last House on Dead End Street" 2 disc and the German "Blood and Black Lace" disc with the black velour slip cover.

Ironically, I never watch either.

I sold a lot of it as I upgraded to Blu. I'm not that sentimental.
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I picked up a DVD of DEAD OF NIGHT, aka THE LIGHTHOUSE, a great little horror thriller from the UK, some years ago that now seems to be impossible to find. It's one of the best genre films I've seen of fairly recent vintage that NEEDS to be reissued on Blu-ray. I got rid of the case and sleeve and just kept the disc in a binder - something I regret doing.
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After running through my DVDAF profile, it seems I have quite a few OOP....

Adventureland - Blu-ray
American Beauty - The Awards Edition - DVD
American Werewolf in London, An - Collector's Edition - DVD
Apocalypse Now: The Complete Dossier - Special Collector's Edition - DVD
Army of Darkness - Boomstick Edition - DVD
Batman (Digibook) - Blu-ray
Batman Returns - Blu-ray
Beyond, The - Lucio Fulci Collection - DVD
Bird with the Crystal Plumage, The- Blu-ray
Blues Brothers, The - Collector's Edition (148 Minute Extended Version) - DVD
Boondock Saints, The - Unrated Special Edition (Steelbook) - DVD
Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation - DVD
Brood, The (Uncut) - DVD
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - DVD
Burning, The (Uncut) - DVD
Cannibal Holocaust - 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition - DVD
Clerks - 15th Anniversary Edition - Blu-ray
Clockwork Orange, A - Stanley Kubrick Collection - DVD
Cobra (1986) - DVD
Commando - DVD
Day of the Dead - Divimax Series (Uncut) - DVD
Dead Pit, The - 2-Disc Collector's Edition (Unrated Director's Cut) - DVD
Dillinger (1973) - DVD
Dog Soldiers - DVD
Eastern Promises - Blu-ray
Equilibrium - DVD
Escape from New York - DVD
Evil Dead 2 - Special Edition (THX Version) - DVD
Exorcist, The - The Version You've Never Seen - DVD
Fletch - DVD
Freddy vs. Jason - DVD
Friday the 13th: From Crystal Lake to Manhattan - Ultimate Edition DVD Collection - DVD
Grandma's Boy - Unrated - DVD
Halloween 2 (Theatrical Version) (1981) - DVD
Halloween: Resurrection - DVD
Heat - Two-Disc Special Edition - DVD
Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 - DVD
Hellraiser/Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (Unrated) - DVD
Hero (2002)- DVD
Hostel (93 Minute Unrated Version) - DVD
House of 1000 Corpses (Rated) (Limited Maxi-Gatefold Packaging) - DVD
House on Sorority Row, The - 25th Anniversary Edition - DVD
Idle Hands - DVD
In The Mouth Of Madness- DVD
Inside (Unrated) - DVD
Jaws - 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition - DVD
Joy Ride - Special Edition - DVD
Kill Bill, Volume 1 - DVD
Kill Bill, Volume 2 - DVD
King of New York - Special Edition - DVD
Last House on the Left, The (85 Minute Restored Extended Foreign Version) (1972) - DVD
Memento - Uncompressed PCM - Blu-ray
Monster Squad, The - Two-Disc 20th Anniversary Edition - DVD
My Bloody Valentine - Special Edition (1981) - DVD
Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition (Limited Edition) - DVD
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, The - Vol. 04 - DVD
National Lampoon's Animal House - Double Secret Probation Edition - DVD
Natural Born Killers - Oliver Stone Collection - DVD
Near Dark - Remastered Special Edition (Holo-Foil Cover) - DVD
New York Ripper, The - Director's Uncut Version - DVD
Night of the Living Dead (Remastered) (1968) - DVD
No Country for Old Men - DVD
Raging Bull - Blu-ray
Raising Arizona - DVD
Re-Animator - Millennium Edition - DVD
Return of Swamp Thing, The - DVD
Return of the Living Dead, The (Audio Edited) (Hemdale Video Edit) - DVD
Rock 'n' Roll High School - Rock On Edition - DVD
Rosemary's Baby - DVD
Running Man, The - Special Edition - DVD
Saw (103 Minute U.S. Theatrical Version) - DVD
Scarface - Two-Disc Anniversary Edition - DVD
Serial Mom - Collector's Edition - DVD
Sin City (124 Minute Theatrical Version) - DVD
Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit, The (Reissue Cover) - DVD
Sling Blade (Director's Cut) - Miramax Films Award-Winning Collection - Blu-ray
Suspiria - 2-Disc Special Edition - DVD
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The - Special Edition (Reissue) - DVD
Tripper, The (Unrated) - DVD
True Lies (THX Version) - DVD
Underworld - 2-Disc Unrated Extended Cut (134 Minute Version) - DVD
Vampire Hunter D - Special Edition - DVD
Watchmen - The Ultimate Cut: The Complete Story - Special Edition - Blu-ray
Zombie (Uncut) (Remastered) - DVD
Peep my DVD collection
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Detroit Hi-on
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Too many to count or think of trying too. Plus many I have are super rare, impossible to find, and completely fucking worthless like Blue Demon which I had the misfortune of watching a couple weeks ago. I'd be lucky to get back the buck I paid for it, now it's on top of the stack for next Best Buy upgrade and save sale.

My rarest is probably Fright Night blu. Thursday dvds used to bring crazy cash but have gotten reasonable over recent years. Ruckus dvd is retarded money and probably my next one for sale, the film kinda sucks IMO and even Linda Blair can't save it.

My Fucking DVDS
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Kim Bruun
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Too many to count, but the first one that sprang to mind is the R1 Clownhouse DVD, because it was recalled because of the controversy surrounding it. Said controversy is also what made me curious, but I didn't much enjoy, and instead felt kinda guilty for watching the product of a sad incident.
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Narcissistic Personality
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I must have a bunch- no idea exactly how many though. Wow, I didn't realize "The Man Who Fell to Earth" Criterion Blu was already OOP. Glad I picked it up when I did....
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At this point, probably 90+% of my dvd collection (specific releases if not actual titles) is OOP. I haven't bought a DVD in close to two years now. All of my blus are still available, so far as I know.
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