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Wer (2013)

Plot: American defense attorney in France suspects her client is a werewolf.

Crude thriller lacking "hair" dwelling in semi-found footage and superhero territory. It had its moments (practical effects, blood and gore) but overall I was still not impressed. Wer is certainly missing the "wolf" and I don't quite get all the praise. Anyone seen this?
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Yeah I've seen it and I actually remember enjoying it quite a bit. Not on the level of Ginger Snaps or Dog Soldiers but yeah not bad.
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I watched the DVD last fall and remember it being a tolerable one-time watch, but instantly forgettable. I'm struggling to remember much about it now, except that it was found-footage.

When it was announced, I was a little annoyed they opted to go DVD only for this instead of blu-ray, but after seeing the film, I can understand their decision.
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