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Do you feel embarrassed to own "bad" movies?

There are quite a few horror films I enjoy and did buy but feel embarrassed about people seeing them in my collections. For example, Jaws 3, Jaws the Revenge, the Amityville sequels, and the Leprechaun movies are generally considered to be pretty bad but I own them because I enjoy watching them. I even own some pretty bad non-horror films like Home Alone 4 Taking Back the House and Batman & Robin. I sometimes feel uncomfortable about new people coming to my house and seeing these movies in my collection and move them behind the "good" movies. Have you ever felt embarrassed about owning movies that most people think are stupid?
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Meeting Adjourned.
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I own "Fair Game," starring Cindy Crawford. I regret nothing.
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Originally Posted by thing View Post
Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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i dont belive in bad movies.. but you should see what i have..........
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I do have the lesser Amityville sequels, they sit by my Leprechaun in Space and my Albert Pyun version of Captain American, they hold no shame because they are strategically situated next to Attack of the Cockface Killer, Monsturd, Filthy McNasty, and Gingerdead Man trilogy.
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If you like it, it isn't a bad movie.
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Mikey Horror
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Trust me, I have a ton of movies that some might consider ridiculous, only problem is I really don't give a shit what others might think. If you enjoy something and it brings a smile to your face, who cares what anyone else's opinion may be. Unless it's animal porn, in which case you should be ashamed, cause that's just sick.
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Not even a little bit.
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Joe Six-Pack
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Embarrassed? Hell, I take pride in my collection of "bad" movies. I'd be embarrassed if my collection looked like the typical "joe six pack" media tower full of nothing but mainstream Hollywood releases, with half the DVDs being full-screen. LOL
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Old 02-20-2013, 02:29 AM   #9
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My college roommate once commented, "How can you like so many good movies and so many bad movies?" My response, "Anything inbetween isn't very interesting."

I was also taking with a friend about some bad movies and a person overhearing interjected that they can't watch bad films like that. My response, "You can't truly appreciate good movies if you can't appreciate the bad ones."

So I'm really more embarrassed by the more mediocre films in my collection. Those are the films that make me wonder why they bothered and why did I bother. Waste of time and money.
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Marshall Crist
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There's a line in STARSTRUCK that goes "There's only interesting and boring..." That's my feeling about movies. The terms "good" and "bad" are largely irrelevant.
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Could care less. I like what I like and that's all that I like!
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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
So I'm really more embarrassed by the more mediocre films in my collection. Those are the films that make me wonder why they bothered and why did I bother. Waste of time and money.
Yup, that's about it. It's just sort of the nature of the beast, though, when you're collecting b-movies and horror from days gone by that you basically have no choice but to blind buy and see what you get. If there was a market for them, I'd sell them, but if all you get back from most of these movies is a buck or three, they're barely worth the effort of selling unless you're bored or really need the money.
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Hellbound Heart
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Nope, not at all. I don't really give a rat's ass what anybody thinks about the movies I happen to own.

I like what I like, end of story.
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No. I don't. But I don't keep Michael Bay films in my collection so I'm safe.
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Most people have bad taste in both music and movies. They're the ones that should feel embarrassed, not I. I may like bad movies, but at least I have GOOD taste in bad movies, and what's more at least I know they're bad movies. What excuse do they have for having totally banal shit like HANCOCK in their collection? Give me FORBIDDEN ZONE any day!
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