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Joe Six-Pack
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Unhappy Another amazing mom & pop store is closing (W&W in L'ville KY)

For those who live near the Louisville KY area, you will be sad to know that the "Wild and Woolly" video store (http://www.wandwvideo.com/) is closing. They will close on their 18th anniversary. I never did rent from them as I lived a hour away but I always would stop in and buy stuff. They were the only video place I could find in the area that catered to my bizarre tastes in movies. Such a sad day. Here is a post on their FB page:


To all the customers, friends, and family of Wild and Woolly Video:

Due to the current state of the video industry, and the corresponding financial outlook for Wild and Woolly, as well as my desire to pursue a different career, I've decided to make March 23rd (our 18th anniversary) our last day in business. We will start selling off our amazing collection of movies on January 26th. We will keep renting movies through March 15th, but as of today we will no longer be signing up new rental customers. We will honor all gift cards through March 23rd.

I plan on renting out the building for at least a year, or possibly selling it to the right buyer, so if anyone has any serious interest, please contact me.

In some ways this was an easy decision to make, as our business has been declining for several years, and while still profitable, it is no longer sustainable in a format that makes sense for the store or for me.

I am also just ready for something different. Iíve been taking Pilates classes for a couple of years due to a shoulder injury, and theyíve really helped my shoulder as well as my overall health. But Iíve also gotten deeper into studying this method of exercise, and learning about Joseph Pilates, the man who invented it.

So once the store closes, Iím planning to spend at least a year studying to become a certified Pilates teacher, and look forward to helping other people who've been injured or just want to lead healthier lives.

But, thinking about all of the great customers and employees- now that part made this a hard decision.

But in the end, I've chosen what I think is best for me and my family.

So my family and I thank you for all of your years of love and support and for keeping us around a lot longer than I could have ever imagined. Our customers are incredible and itís amazing how many people are no longer just customers, but are truly our friends.

Thanks especially to all of the people who work at the store-we would have closed the doors a long time ago if itís wasn't for the awesome people who work at Wild and Woolly.


Todd Brashear/Owner

If you live in the area, better stop by in the next few months to pick up titles they plan to sell off. They have a TON of great stuff.
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Screamy Bopper
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I rented a ton of movies there cant say I'm surprised but still sad
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Mutilated Prey
Soul Stealer
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Too bad - let us know what gems any of you find!
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So that place wasn't a VHS rental store? Just DVD & Blu?
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Screamy Bopper
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it has VHS until a few years ago when i sold off all their VHS so the last few years it was all dvd and blurays
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Sad when hipsters can't keep a place in business.
You know what this is for, Warren? It's for JACKING OFF!
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Joe Six-Pack
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Managed to grab some great stuff over the past two weeks. Each week, they have a different price point. It goes down some with each passing week. The first week I grabbed stuff at $12.99 and tonight I nabbed some stuff at $9.99. I will go back once again when they get $4.99 or lower.

Anyway, for those curious, this is what I got at

The Visitor (code red) DVD
Squirm BD
Planet of the Vampires BD
Pretty Models in a Row (Ed Wood) DVD
Deadly Eyes BD

Haxan (Criterion) DVD
Runaway Nightmare BD (#587, limited edition)
Jess Franco's Demons BD
Bay of Blood BD (Arrow version)
Amityville 2 BD
Nosferatu BD
Corruption BD
Tower of Evil BD
The Burning Moon DVD
The Mafu Cage DVD
Teenage Hitchhikers DVD (code red)
The Redeemer DVD (code red)
Mansion of the Living Dead DVD
Misty's Secret DVD (OOP Misty Mundae)
Dragon's Lair BD
Frankenstein's Blood Terror (OOP) DVD
The Dracula Saga (OOP) DVD
Devil Times Five DVD (code red)
The Doberman Gang / The Daring Dobermans 2-DVD
The Forest DVD (code red)

Not too shabby!

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quantum physics
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Very cool haul but $10 for a bunch of scratched DVD's?
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