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Looking for Rare Movies

Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure if this is allowed - couldn't see anything about it in the rules section but apologies if it's not allowed! This is a list of titles I am looking for, I collect workprints / TV Versions and would be very interest in speaking to anyone who can help with any of these titles. If you can - please send me a PM!


Confirmed As Existing

Angel Heart TV Version
Angus TV Version (TNT or TBS)
Bodyguard TV Version
Born In East LA TV Version
Car, The ABC TV Version
Client John Grisham TV Series
Communion 1989 TV Version
Darkman 2 Sci Fi channel Version
Death Valley 1982 TV Version
Erin Brockovich TV Version
Evil Dead 2 Full Mexican TV Version (not youtube rip)
Fandango TV Version (NBC)
GI Jane TV Version
Little Shop Of Horrors Workprint
Looker TV Version (not TV and DVD mix)
Man's Best Friend TV Version
Nadja WP
National Lampoon's Senior Trip TV Version
Nightbreed WP
Nightmare Sisters 1988 TV Version
Police Academy 3 TV Version (TBS)
Red Eye TV Version (FX)
Scarface Network TV Version
Shawshank Redemption HBO Version with 3 Deleted Scenes
Stepfather 1987 TV Version (FX)
The Perfect Weapon TV Version (TBS)
Trading Places TV Version
Westworld TV Version (NBC)

Rumours Only

8mm Uncut Screener Version
13th Floor Workprint
13th Warrior Workprint
A Perfect Murder with Alternate Ending
American Pie 2 Original Version with Stifler's Dad
Apt Pupil Workprint
Armageddeon Workprint
Babylon AD Original Version/Workprint
Back to the Future TV Version (not ABC Family)
Back to the Future 2 TV Version (not ABC Family)
Back to the Future 3 TV Version (not ABC Family)
Bad Company Workprint (Centropy release)
Batman Forever Original Version (Not extended dvd version)
Blade Workprint
Candyman Workprint
Centre Stage Workprint
Children of the corn Original Director's Cut
Con Air Workprint
Congo Workprint
Crash Workprint
Dark Angel (Dolph Lundrgren film not TV show) Workprint/TV/Extended
End Of Days Test Screening Version
Enemy of the state Workprint
Event Horizon Workprint
Faculty Workprint
Fled Extended 105 Minute Original Version
Fog TV Version (I've checked at least 3 TV Versions so far)
Friday the 13th Part 2 X Rated Version
Friday the 13th Part 2 TV Version (with Mrs Myers opening her eyes at the end) (I've checked at least 3 TV Versions so far)
Friday the 13th Part 3 X Rated Version
Friday the 13th Part 3 TV Version
Friday the 13th Part 5 Workprint (Not Version 2, the workprint)
Friday the 13th Part 5 TV Version
From Dusk Till Dawn Complete Workprint
Girl Interrupted Workprint
GO Workprint
Godzilla Workprint
Good Will Hunting Workprint
Gremlins Workprint (aired at a cinema once in CA)
Halloween 5 Uncut Japanese Version
Hitman Original Version/Workprint
House On Haunted Hill Original Version/Workprint
I know what you did last summer Workprint
Interview with the Vampire Original Version/Workprint
Jackie Brown TV Version (FX)
Jackie Brown Workprint
Jacob's Ladder Workprint
Jeepers Creepers 2 Workprint with original opening
Joyride/Road Kill Original Version With Alternate Ending
Judge Dredd Workprint (with clones awakening sequence)
Jurassic Park 3 Extended Version
Knock Off Workprint
Lost In Space Workprint
Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome Original Version/Workprint
Mask Of Zorro Workprint
Mission Impossible 2 Original Version/Workprint
Mortal Kombat TV Version (TBS)
Mortal Kombat Annihilation Original Version
Napoleon Dynamite Workprint (LRC release)
Next Friday Workprint
Poltergeist 2 Original 130 Minute Version
Poseidon 2006 Original Version/Workprint
Radio Workprint (TCF release)
Red Dawn TV Version
Replacement Killers Workprint
Rock, The Airline Version
Saint, The Original Test Screening Version
Scorpion King Workprint
Shrek TV Version
Sleepy Hollow Workprint
Space Adventures In The Forbidden Zone Workprint
Star Trek Network TV Version
Star Trek Insurrection Original Version/Workprint
Star Trek Nemesis Original Version/Workprint
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Workprint
Thin Red Line Original Version/Workprint
Time Machine Workprint
Titanic Pre Release Extended Version
Twister Workprint
Unbreakable Workprint
Unfaithful Workprint (Centropy release)
Until Death (Van Damme) Workprint / 113 Minute Version
Wedding Singer Workprint
Wyatt Earp Workprint
Your Friends And Neighbours Workprint
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