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Family is Forever
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Originally Posted by Katatonia View Post
Many Vikings were forcibly converted to Christianity
We should be thankful for Black Metal
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Erick H.
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Originally Posted by Katatonia View Post
Many Vikings were forcibly converted to Christianity, just like many Native Americans and elsewhere throughout the world.

Christianity has often been anything but a peaceable religion throughout it's long history.
I wasn't advocating the practice,just mentioned it in passing.

It is a sad truth that so many faiths built around the ideals of peace and understanding have led to so much blood and misery.It is a shame that so many people haven't truly embraced the core principals of the very faith they claim to follow and have used their religion(s) as a cover for their own grasping for power.Perhaps the failing isn't so much in the particular faith as in the "follower".People are terribly,terribly flawed and at certain times they can allow themselves to get swept up into awful deeds out of base greed and ignorant hatred.It doesn't matter if you are a religious person or an athiest,the sad truth is,sometimes,no matter WHAT they believe in(or DON'T believe in),some people just suck !
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I should say that I don't hate Christianity...as it originally stood for. I hate what it has been perverted down to through the centuries, basically since the time of the councils of Nicea when modern Christianity was invented.

A large chunk of people in the world who now claim to be "Christian" are anything but, even remotely. And there are probably more of these people here in America than anywhere else right now.

Gandhi's famous quote pretty much sums up my thoughts in a nutshell:

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

...new episode of Vikings on Sunday!
"The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Erick H.
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Fair enough,though hypocracy knows no faith and evil deeds are carried out ,supposedly in the name of "God", by people of all race ,creeds and colors.Again I say,it is NOT the faith that is the problem but the way some people try to hide behind it to disguise straight up villainy.Some people are just evil.

I DO look forward to the next episode of THE VIKINGS,Pagan OR Christian,those ax wielders are a nasty lot,and that Viking lady is really hot !
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