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bruce h
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Oliver Stone's SEIZURE (1974) from Scorpion Releasing 9/9/14

"You cannot hide from them!" screamed the ads. Long neglected and previously unavailable on legit DVD, Scorpion Releasing finally rescue Oliver Stone's feature debut, SEIZURE (1974)! Dark Shadows vet Jonathan Frid is front and center as an eccentric children's author who invites six guests to his remote retreat for a weekend getaway. Over the course of the night, they converse, argue and topically debate until their comfy cottage is invaded by three intruders -- a terrifying trio dubbed by the posters, "The Executioner, The Queen of Evil, and The Dwarf!" Are they escapees from the local asylum, as broadcast on the radio? Are they reincarnations of an ancient evil, cursing the estate? Or are they physical manifestations of the storyteller's nightmares, the ones he's currently transcribing in book form? The group finds themselves subjected to a string of macabre games and tests. The punishment for loss? Torturous death.

An existential, metaphysical horror that couldn't quite find its audience during release, SEIZURE threw itself at the mercy of waning distributor Cinerama, who negotiated a deal through exploitation juggernaut American International Pictures only to see the film dumped at the bottom of quickly disappearing double-bills. (It did manage a handful of champions, though; in a 1975 issue of Cinefantastique, then-young critic Tim Lucas even called it, "the most remarkable horror film to emerge since William Friedkin's THE EXORCIST.") Over the years it has remained a curiosity piece, usually only sought by those researching its now-famous director or investigating the career of its supporting cast (including Bond Girl Martine Beswick, cult actress Mary Woronov, and legendary little person Herve Villechaize). Scorpion are now thankfully giving SEIZURE a second lease on life, making reappraisal easy with a new HD transfer from original elements, and interviews with Woronov and actor Richard Cox. "Don't ask us who we are, or where we come from. Our only purpose is death!"

Blu-Ray Preorder (9/9/14) : direct links available at my sites.

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