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WD Live TV Hub for Storage and Streaming of Film Library

I've been looking for a device that will allow me to store and stream my entire film library directly to my HDTV. The closest thing I've seen to a plug-n-play device is the Western Digital TV Live Hub. This unit incorporates its own 1 or 2 TB hard drive as well as a media player so you don't have to get one separately. Does anyone own this or is there something else that I'm overlooking? I have a DVD burner but not a Blu-ray burner so I'm sure how I'd get the 1080p HD content onto my computer for transfer to the device unless I bought a Blu-ray burner. Basically, I'm looking for something that will support menu functionality to include alternate audio tracks, subtitles and special features just as if I had put a disc into my player except it will be all digital instead of a physical disc. Also, how many movies would you all say a 1 and 2 TB hard drive would store?
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You asked this already, in another thread that you started.


And you never responded to any of the suggestions.
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