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For oldheads, do you recall how previews were in early 80's??

Hey, How were previews compared to today between 1980-1985, I recall when I was like 10 seeing E.T. and them only showing one preview for Garp movie. Today its like 45 mins of previews, they show the whole movie in the trailer. and if its a funny movie, they show all the funny parts .. ?? well, how many were there? one or two. not 20.

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on average, I remember there being 3-4 previews before a film.

And, yeah, trailers today do show off more of a film. There are studies that indicate that audiences are more likely so see a film the more they know about the plot. So, that's why there has been a shift. Not justifying it, of course, but, sadly, there are reasons.

But, we had to deal with crap like "The Devil and Max Devlin" trailer scam when back then - where the trailer contained primarily footage that wasn't in the film.

What we didn't have were commercials. And that is one of the things that annoys the hell out of me.
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They did not have a dead simple movie quiz before the trailers, either. In Canada, anyway, there was also the a short film for the national anthem before the movie in addition to a few trailers:


Did the US anthem ever play before movies in the US?
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I LOVED hoping horror trailers would precede the films we saw. There usually 2 or 3 before the movie. The drive-in was also fun - if you we were there for a mainstream hit, I'd sit in the backseat and scan the other screen (2 if you were on the street side screen at the El Rancho in Reno - anyway...) for horror trailers.
I liked the vibe of early 80's trailers. They're very cookie cutter now but the styles seemed to vary back then. Sometimes you'd get the whole film and sometimes the trailers were better than the movie.
Here are some trailers I have never seen on the big screen even though I was in the cinema every darn weekend before and after they were released: Poltergeist, E.T., Star Trek II, Raiders of the Lost Ark and more. For some reason those films seemed to exist on popularity (or the then-new Entertainment Tonight) rather than adverts.
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Anyone know if an original trailer for The Great Muppet Caper existed?
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Myron Breck
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Originally Posted by Nailwraps View Post
Anyone know if an original trailer for The Great Muppet Caper existed?
I'm pretty sure I saw one with Ms. Piggy riding her motorcycle through the stained glass window--one of the main reasons why I wanted to check it out!
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Seen muppet caper in summer of 81. on big screen.
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I think if anything older trailers gave away more of the movies. If you take a look at Hammer trailers, all of them show clips from the conclusion. Of course, if you've never seen the movie then you wouldn't know that the ending has just been given away.... but still. Overall, though, it does seem like the trailers are never ending. I used to complain circa 1990 that we only got one or two. Now there's at least 5... which is really annoying because most movies are more than 2 hrs in length today. And if you're a coffee drinker like I am you begin to worry if you can make it to the end without running out of the theater to take a piss.

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Our hometown theater when I was a kid only had two screens so they would only show trailers for the other movie playing in the duplex or whatever films might be showing in the next few weeks. A lot of times the trailers weren't appropriate for the movies they preceded. I was a kid so I'd often be there seeing some kid-friendly film with my little brother and sister and they'd show a trailer for R-rated fare like "Friday The 13th" or "The Attic." I loved seeing stuff like that and was able to get my parents to take us to stuff they might have otherwise avoided if the trailer wasn't too extreme.
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I used to love seeing previews, but there are so damn many now that I just want to watch the film. On top of that, you don't have to go to a theater anymore to see them. You have On Demand, Internet and other ways to view them.
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yeah theaters are still doing great business even with all the different ways we have to watch a movie. People still like to go, to get out of the house, go on dates. Whoever would have thought that one day you would be able to pull out a phone device and watch the whole movie of star wars while sitting on a long bus ride.. Wow, when I was a kid, the only way to see any movie was to actually go to the theater or drive -in...
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I remember going to see 'The Empire Strikes Back' in 1980 and there being a trailer for 'The Evil Dead' on it.....I was 5 yrs old and I remember it clearly.....it scared the shit outta me!!!
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When I went to see ParaNorman in the theaters there were over 20 minutes of trailers, closer to 30. All kid films. I lost count of the number of trailers, but basically every kid movie under the sun that year had its trailer put in front of ParaNorman. That's completely ridiculous.

On the other hand when I went to see Frankenweenie in IMAX I recall there were no trailers; it was almost a shock to the system to just see the movie begin at start time! It seems like IMAX showings have much fewer trailers, 2 to 3. Either they're too expensive with too small of an average audience or they expect IMAX viewers to already be informed. Maybe both. Either way another benefit to IMAX.
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wow, evil dead trailer in 1980,, it really didn't hit theater till later 81...
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I love movie trailers, but I don't love having to sit through 20 Jason Statham trailers every time I go to the movies.
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