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Frankenstein's Army, as I end my review with, is "a unique idea that’s equally provocative and dopey."
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Chomp: As zbinks pointed out, Worst Case Scenario was the film that I mentioned which is what spawned Frankenstein's Army.

I watched it over the weekend. It was decent. It's a found footage film, so some may be turned off right there. I was a little annoyed that they went that route at first but I found the build pretty effective. I'm not sure the payoff worked all that great, but it was still entertaining.

The zombies are all the ones we've seen in the Worst Case Scenario promos, but somehow they come off a little goofy when presented this way (found footage).
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I watched Frankenstein's Army last night and loved it to pieces. It's just what I had hoped it would be, a big dumb fun monster Nazi zombie exploitation flick. The zombots were all really cool. It almost feels like a Silent Hill or Resident Evil video game the way it unfolds. I really hope this turns into a franchise with new zombots introduced in each film.
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Mhmmm this looks interesting I definitely want to check this out.
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Airs this weekend on The Movie Channel's "Splatterday" (where they'll have two horror movies air alternately all night....best lineup is when they show Scanners and The Brood over and over again)
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It is also streaming on Netflix.
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