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Screamy Bopper
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VideoDrome vs King Of Comedy

Just watched King Of Comedy about 4 times. Forgot how much I liked it. Many scenes made me think of VideoDrome, which came out 2 months after it. Among them
1) The slow dolly back as Max wears the Accumlator and starts to trip / slow dolly back in Ruperts basement as he performs before a collage of laughing faces
2) quick cut of Debbie Harry when max "hits" Bridey / similar quick cut during one of Ruperts Fantasies.
3)Bright red and black decor in Rupert's basement / red and black torture chamber
4)Televisions always playing in the background.
5)Rupert puts his arm around a TV showing him in the bar / can't remember a specific shot like that in Videoedrome, but the intimate relationship with TV is there.

Additionally there are some thematic elements in common -- Rupert thinks what he sees on TV is real -- the "casual" talk among the comedians is just that, while Jerry tells him no, it is carefully practiced for years. Videodrome addreses that, how the reality is less than TV reality. Both Rupert and Max dislike their lives; they both cross over into the world of TV as a result.

Am I imagining things, imposing a relationship where there is none? Its not uncommon for this to happen, changes in culture are reflected in art, so both Zimmerman/Scorcese and Cronenberg could be commenting on the same stuff.

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Never thought of the connection between these movies in the slightest. But I appreciate your interesting take on the two films & their sharing similarities.
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KIng of comedy is one of my favourite films of all time, never dug videodrome
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Remaking My Soul
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Originally Posted by thing View Post
never dug videodrome
We care.
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Watched the new Blu-ray of King of Comedy recently and it was even better than I remembered it. Was nice to see De Niro in something good, having endured Grudge Match a week before.

The Assassination of Richard Nixon would make a great double bill with King of Comedy, still waiting for a Blu-ray release of that but the old DVD is quite nice.
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Screamy Bopper
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Originally Posted by sinister View Post
Watched the new Blu-ray of King of Comedy recently and it was even better than I remembered it.
Watched it and TAXI DRIVER recently and TAXI looks kind of dated and a wee bit, I don't know, precious. KING holds up great. I'm a real nit picker and I can't find a flaw, every performance, down to 1 liners are pitch perfect. There's a shot of of Deniro in a fantasy, he is sitting in a chair in Langford's office and he looks so small, with this expectant open look on his face like an 8 year old, awesome.

I guess it's just me with the Videodrome thing. Langfords set is bright red, BTW and both films have major chars named Masha.

I just listened to Projection Booth Podcast on it and they made the obvious insights and I felt missed a lot. They did not know Pupkin worked as a messenger, that Masha was a rich kid supported by her family, and used the tired "it's all a fantasy" explanation when stumped. If we don't know fantasy from reality in this film how do we know these aren't Jerry Langford's fantasies of escaping his isolated life?
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