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Doesn't hold a wet fart to the original but I really enjoyed it.
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How does anything hold a wet fart? With paper towels?

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Originally Posted by thing View Post
Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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Expected to hate it but found it enjoyable. Helps that it does its own thing instead of being a direct copy of the original.
+6 trader.
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I finally brought myself to watch this. I put my bias aside as I knew there was no conceivable way, shape or form this movie could even touch the importance and genius of the original.

I tried my hardest not to compare the two throughout, and I must say I did a pretty decent job,..so much, in fact, that before watching I had Verhoeven's film out of mind enough that I was actually looking forward to sitting down after a long day of work and viewing this updated version.

With that said, this movie was exactly how I expected it to be....sterile, void of soul, style and any sense of storytelling. It wasn't necessarily bad...it was just a mediocre and "safe" film geared towards Call of Duty players and superhero-film aficionados. Aside from the slick design of Robocop, everything else was a bore to look at. Buildings were generic, city streets were dull and lifeless....nothing had any sense of style or character...it was just "there" because it had to be.

What really surprised me the most was the amount of talent in this film. All of the A-list actors did a phenomenal job acting. I mean, if Oldman, Keaton, Haley, Jackson, etc are not in this film, I could see myself hating this movie even more, but these guys gave the movie everything they had. Keaton and Oldman's chemistry was easily the best part of the movie for me...anytime those two were on screen together, I found myself enjoying the movie much more. These two need to do another movie together, hopefully involving better and more original subject matter.

So yeah, if it wasn't for the A-list cast, I could see the movie being that much worse. Even with them though, I don't think I'd ever watch the film again...so I am kind of glad I was able to see this one for free.

Anybody else laugh when Robocop would run?...the CG looked so awkwardly bad that it gave me quite the chuckle.
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