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Deathdream, The Toolbox Murders, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, Silent Scream, and Night School are great films, Deathdream being my favorite out the bunch. Killer Party (it has been several years since I saw it) was not all that. The comedy fell flat and the transition from slasher film to supernatural/demonic possession film was done very poorly, it pretty much just morphs into a totally different film in the last 20 minutes or so. When it comes to demonic/slasher/comedy hybrids I would go with Prom Night II. But that is just me.
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Originally Posted by rhett View Post
Dead & Buried has its admirers, but it's a cold film without characters to really latch onto. Well directed and a good concept, though. I just never really connected with it.
That's fair enough, although I feel the performances are strong enough to overcome some of the character weaknesses.

Also- it's a pretty shocking little movie. With a surprising brutal streak.

I think it's a bit underrated, personally.

Originally Posted by MorallySound View Post
Holy shit! I can't believe Killer Party isn't talked about more often, or that I'd even really heard anything about it previous. Pretty much Hell Night meets Evil Dead 2, and so much damn fun! I enjoyed the fact that it swapped genres as it moved along, which usually doesn't work, but here it did - keeping the pace frantic and always engaging. This horror-comedy should have been a staple if you ask me.
I did everything I could to talk it up. It was much better than it had any right to be. It certainly has a better late-middle, early-ending than Hell Night (though HN definitely had the superior final 3 minutes).
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