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Old 10-23-2013, 03:06 AM   #91
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Congratulations! It's about time!
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Erick H.
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Congratulations !
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Thanks guys, it's awesome to finally win! No more crying from me now, well atleast until another 9 years has gone by haha. Soxfan666 hopefully you will be next!
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Congrats, spawningblue!
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Old 10-24-2013, 02:44 AM   #97
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Congrats, spawningblue. Great to see someone who has been on here as long as I have that actually wins something. I might have to see what this Detention of the Dead is about. I myself already own Zombie & House By The Cemetery on Blu-Ray already, and I love Zombie movies, or as my brother and husband say to me "Your stupid horror movies." My husband isn't a big fan of horror films, and my brother on the other hand, grew up watching horror films with our Mom, but he's more a casual fan, and I'm just a fanatic, a huge fan of even extremely low-budget movies.
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