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Discuss the Scanners sequels

I rented and watched Scanners 2: The New Order last night and was surprised to find it to be a pretty good film that was respectful to the Cronenberg original. I put off seeing this for 20 years because I just naturally assumed that it was going to be crap. Are there many fans to this series out there? How are the other films? On par with this one or like a lot of franchises do they get progressively worse?
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I also like the second movie. In truth I kind of enjoy it a bit more than the original, with a better pace and a much better lead actor. The third is ok, but it is a a step down in quality It always seemed to me to have suffered because of re-writes, the whole brother/ sister story angle from the second movie seems to be re-written into new characters (perhaps because the same actors weren't available?) so it seems a bit awkward. Also the lead actress gives a pretty poor performance . Scanner Cop was alot of fun, better than Part III. Scanners The Showdown was also decent. Overall II and Cop probably stand out as my favorites of the sequels.
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I haven't seen the Cop movies, yet, but count me down as another big fan of the second film. The third is still stylish, but yeah, the story is pretty campy. Definitely a step down, but still worthy. About Stephen Lack in the first movie - I had the chance to see him in a couple early Canadian movies (The Rubber Gun and Montreal Main) last year at my revival theater, and he was fantastic in those. Really stole the show. Charismatic, nuanced and even flamboyant. Tough to believe it's the same understated cipher that's in Scanners. After seeing those two movies, I think I'll place the blame on Cronenberg for Lack's total, um, lack of character in Scanners.

Here are my reviews, if you're interested, of the first three movies in the Scanners box set from Anchor Bay UK:

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It's been so long since I've seen any of the films, the one I remember the clearest is Scanners 3 as I watched it pretty frequently when I was younger. As a teen it was my favorite in the series, but that might be because it was the one with the most 'fluff', I'd probably appreciate the earlier entries more if I watched them again now, 12 (or so) years later.
Havnt seen any others outside of 1,2 and 3.
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i was impressed by part II. it really felt like it could have existed in the same world as the first. it had the same kind of rough feel of the first. i liked the snow scenes towards the end, out in the country. it felt canadian.

part III was definitely a weaker effort. a pretty silly film, but still entertaining in its way. did anybody else notice that whenever someone said the main villain's name: "Helena", that it never matched their lip movement? they must have changed the name of her character afterwards. i tried watching a few scenes without dialogue to see if i could figure it out, but my lip-reading skills aren't up to snuff, apparently. if anybody else with a keener eye for that kind of stuff can make out what it is, i'd be curious to know...
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I have also been avoiding the sequels for many years. You guys talking about the part II made me want to watch it. Gonna find it, watch it and post my thoughts here.
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