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Your Favorite Releases of 2014

What were your favorite releases of 2014 and, if you're so inclined, why? Always enjoyed these threads in the past and since it doesn't appear one has been started for 2014 I thought I'd kick it off. In no particular order:

Death Spa (Gorgon/MPI, BD+DVD) - I think I was thinking of Killer Workout when I ordered this, expecting not to like it based on my recollections, but I was happy to find that I had not seen this movie before and that I really enjoyed it (so much that I watched it twice within a week of buying it!). A nice surprise and a nice looking release; long live the 80s!

Sleepaway Camp (Scream Factory, BD+DVD) - Quite possibly my favorite slasher and now the best looking release and the most complete release are one in the same.

Nightmare (Code Red, BD) - Loved the DVD set and loved the BD even more. In all honesty this wasn't as much of an upgrade as I was hoping for but it was still worth it to me.

The Stuff (Arrow Video, BD) - Just happy to see this show up on BD since it is one I enjoy quite a bit, of course it would not have made the list if it were not also a satisfying presentation!

The Swimmer (Grindhouse Releasing, BD) - Kind of rolled my eyes when I saw this coming before the more exciting things that Grindhouse has in their catalog, but I bought it anyway and enjoyed it quite a bit once I sat down and watched it. This is, by far, the best movie that this label released all year, imo, and it didn't look bad either.

L'Assassino ha Riservato Nove Poltrone ("The Killer Reserved Nine Seats", Camera Obscura, BD) – I've wanted to see BDs from this label more than any others because of what a fantastic job they do on their DVDs and their first BD release definitely surpassed my expectations both in terms of the presentation and the movie itself. If I had to pick one release as the best of the year, this might just be the strongest contender.

Bloodsucking Freaks (Troma, BD+DVD) - Announced right after I received my UK release, resulting in that release still never seeing the inside of a BD drive because I decided to wait for this one to revisit again. It was worth the wait too, seeing as how it looked great and had some lost footage integrated into the movie.

Camera Obscura: The Walerian Borowczyk Collection (Arrow Academy, BDs+DVDs) - What a great set, we get a good selection of Borowczyk films, some nice extras, and a book that is actually two books in one. Normally I don't watch extras but with this set there are many that I can't wait to watch! So much content here, great looking transfers, and all the BD/DVD content can still be had with the standalone releases packaged in this box. There is even a cut of Immoral Tales on the BD that includes the short that became the movie The Beast!

Code Red Andy Milligan Bundle (Code Red, 3 BDs) - They're separate releases but they only appear to be for sale as a set, so I'll count all 3 as 1 for the purposes of this list for that reason and because my comments are more or less the same for all 3. They all look great and not a single one of these movies got a DVD upgrade, not even the one of the three that actually got a DVD release, making this bundle all the more exciting for me. They're not great movies, but if you enjoy these movies then you will really want to treat yourself to these!

Tales From the Crypt / The Vault of Horror Double Feature (Scream Factory, BD) – I was happy enough when I heard they were willing to use DVD footage in order to make sure that The Vault of Horror was uncut but it was nice to see their diligence result in an even better uncut release. The inclusion of the open matte uncut version and the cut widescreen version are also nice to have; while I doubt I'll give the cut widescreen release a go, I'm sure I will someday watch the uncut, open matte version.
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The Blob (1988) Blu-ray (Twilight Time)
The Complete Doctor Phibes UK Blu-ray (Arrow Video)
Curtains Blu-ray (Synapse Films)
Halloween: The Complete Collection Deluxe Edition Blu-ray (Scream Factory/Anchor Bay)
Monkey Shines Blu-ray (Scream Factory)
Nightbreed: The Director's Cut Limited Edition Blu-ray (Scream Factory)
The Quatermass Xperiment Blu-ray (Kino Lorber)
Sleepaway Camp Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack (Scream Factory)
Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Blu-ray (Paramount)
The Wonder Years: The Complete Series DVD (Time Life)

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It'd probably look a lot like this (and in approximately that order):

Honorable mentions to:
Deadly Eyes
Nightbreed: Limited Edition
Leprechaun: The Complete Movie Collection
DVDs / blu-rays for sale
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The Duke of New York
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I still haven't watched a large number of the bluray's that I received for Christmas. I will hopefully post my favorites very soon.
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Sleepaway Camp


The Shooting/ Ride into the Whirlwind

Birdman of Alcatraz

Prom Night


Princess Mononoke

Aguirre the Wrath of God
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Zombie Dude
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Good thread! There's still some titles I need to track down.

Nightbreed and the Halloween set were some of my favorite releases. Also, the Leprechaun set was a nice surprise
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It was a great year for DVD and Blu-Ray releases this year.

Deadly Eyes
Sleepaway Camp
Ginger Snaps
To All A Goodnight
Motel Hell
The Final Terror
Christmas Evil
Legend of Billie Jean
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Hellbound Heart
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All Blu-ray releases, in no particular order:

Death Spa (Gorgon/MPI)
Eraserhead (Criterion)
Hellgate (Arrow)
Night of the Demons (Shout! Factory)
Nightbreed: The Director's Cut: Limited Edition (Shout! Factory)
Sleepaway Camp (Shout! Factory)
The Slumber Party Massacre (Shout! Factory)
Trick or Treat (NSM Records)
Vincent Price in Six Gothic Tales by Edgar Allan Poe (Arrow)
The Wanderers (Subkultur)

Honorable mentions:

The Blob (1988) (Twilight Time)
The Complete Dr. Phibes (Arrow)
Halloween: The Complete Collection: Deluxe Edition (Anchor Bay/Shout! Factory)
Leprechaun: The Complete Movie Collection (Lionsgate)
Picnic at Hanging Rock (Criterion)
Sorority House Massacre (Scorpion)
StageFright (Exposure Cinema)
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 40th Anniversary (Second Sight)
Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery and the Missing Pieces (Paramount)
The Werner Herzog Collection: Eighteen Films (BFI)
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There's still a few releases that might have made my Best of 2014 list, but I haven't bought them yet.

My favorites would be (unranked):

Avenging Force (Kino Blu-ray)
Batman: The Complete Series (Warner Blu-ray)
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (Twilight Time Blu-ray)
The Delta Force (Arrow UK Blu-ray)
Jennifer (Scorpion Blu-ray)
Messiah of Evil (Code Red Blu-ray)
Nightbreed: The Director's Cut (Scream Factory Blu-ray)
Shock Waves (Blue Underground Blu-ray)
Southern Comfort (Shout Factory Blu-ray)
The Stuff (Arrow UK Blu-ray)
Trick Or Treat (NSM Germany Blu-ray)
Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery (Paramount Blu-ray)

I bought the German release of Batman: The Complete Series, but the discs are identical to the domestic release.

Honorable Mentions:

Bruce Lee: The Premiere Collection (Shout Factory Blu-ray)
Curse of the Crimson Altar (Odeon UK Blu-ray)
Sorceress (Scorpion Blu-ray)
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Death By Ejaculation
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In no particular order... (Scream Factory got a lot of my money this year...)

The Blob (Twilight Time)
Bloodsucking Freaks (Troma)
The Toxic Avenger (Troma)
Sleepaway Camp (Scream Factory)
Night Of The Demons (Scream Factory)
The Vincent Price Collection Vol.2 (Scream Factory)
Cannibal Holocaust (Grindhouse Releasing)
Christmas Evil (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 40th (Dark Sky)
Ginger Snaps (Scream Factory)
Evilspeak (Scream Factory)
Halloween The Complete Collection Deluxe Edition (Scream Factory)
Motel Hell (Scream Factory)
Ms. 45 (Drafthouse Films)
Nightbreed Director's Cut (Scream Factory)
Pumpkinhead (Scream Factory)
Robocop 4k (MGM)

and last but not least.....Silent Night Deadly Night (Anchor Bay)

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Kim Bruun
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The Blob '88 (TT)
Bloodsucking Freaks (88 Films)
Cannibal Holocaust (GR)
Final Exam (SF)
The Final Terror (SF)
Graduation Day (VS)
Halloween Complete Collection LE (AB/SF)
The House on Sorority Row (Scorpion)
The Incredible Melting Man (Arrow)
Jennifer (Kino)
Messiah of Evil (CR)
Neon Maniacs (CR)
Prom Night (Synapse)
Pumpkinhead (SF)
Screamers (Scorpion)
Shock Waves (BU)
Sleepaway Camp (SF)
Squirm (SF)
StageFright (Exposure Cinema)
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre LE (SS)


Nightbreed LE (SF) - not my favourite on the list, but perhaps the most impressive release

Many Scream Factory titles for 2014... Though I suspect that the number of SF titles for my 2015 list will be significantly smaller.

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