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Film Fest Discoveries

I thought it would good if we could have a thread devoted to films you have seen at film festivals that you got excited about the genre. So the rest of us can have a reference of what to look out for in the near future.

I went to a few festivals this year TIFF, Toronto After Dark and Blood in the Snow.

The standouts for me would probably be "The Green Inferno" and "Oculus" from TIFF and "Found" from Toronto After Dark.
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Great idea, ASH28M.

I keep on hearing amazing things about Oculus so I must finally see it. I did see his earlier film Absentia and really liked it.

Awesome films I did see over the last 10ish years:

Haute Tension
A Serbian Film
The Machine
You're Next
The Host
The Abandoned
Loved Ones

Non Horror but violent:

The Raid!!!!!!
District 13
Cheap Thrills
Ong Bak

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Early reviews on Oculus are excellent. Can't wait to see it this weekend!
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