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Default DellaMorte DellaMore (R2 PAL)

Reviewer: Dave
Review Date: November 4, 1999

Released by: Laser Paradise
Release date: 9/27/1999
MSRP: $?
Region 2, PAL
Widescreen 1.66:1 | 16x9: No

DellaMorte DellaMore (US title - Cemetery Man) has been released onto a PAL DVD from Laser Paradise. Unfortunately, Fox owns the US distribution rights to Cemetery Man, so it's unlikely there will be a domestic DVD anytime soon. The good news is that besides this PAL DVD, there's an NTSC laserdisc of Cemetery Man, which may be an alternative for many of you. For those with the ability to play PAL DVDs, you may be interested in this DellaMorte DellaMore DVD from Laser Paradise. Lets take a closer look at it.

The Story

His name is Francesco Dellamorte (Rupert Everett). Weird name isn't it? Translated it means "Francis of Death". Francesco works for the local cemetery in the town of Buffalora, which is located in northern Italy. For some unknown reason the recently deceased rise from their grave 7 days after their burial. Dellamorte doesn't know why this happens, but he has taken it upon himself to shoot them in the head when they rise and then place them back in their graves to rest in peace.

Working along side Dellamorte is his slightly retarded assistant by the name of Gnaghi (François Hadji-Lazaro), whose dialogue consists mostly of, "Nyah". The mayor's daughter, who Gnaghi met in the past and fell in love with, has died in a terrible motorcycle accident. Gnaghi decides to dig up her grave, and as he does so she begins to open her eyes to rise from the grave. Gnaghi decides to speed up the process by be-heading her with a shovel. He places the talking head in his television and they begin planning their future wedding.

Dellamorte's daily routine in the cemetery is interrupted when a beautiful young woman (Anna Falchi) arrives for a funeral to bury her husband. Dellamorte is immediately attracted to the woman and they fall in love soon after. While making love on the husbands grave they are interrupted when the dead man rises from the grave. The woman is bitten by her husband and dies. Dellamorte is now faced with the task of having to kill his love again when she rises from the grave.

Dellamorte keeps meeting what appears to be the same woman in different places. While it visually is the same woman the personality and life-style of each is entirely different. Each time, however, Dellamorte falls in love with the woman and each time they are separated for one reason or another. Eventually Dellamorte's sanity begins to crumble as he is torn between love, hate, and rage. He starts on a deadly rampage and begins to kill the living as well as the dead as he tries to leave this town he feels so trapped in.

DellaMorte DellaMore is a phenomenal movie. Rupert Everett portrays, quite convincingly, the visually emotionless DellaMorte who begins to lose his sanity as his sanity begins to crumble. François Hadji-Lazaro as Gnaghi was also convincing as the slightly retarded assistant of DellaMorte, who proves to be smarter than DellaMorte thinks. One thing is really liked about the movie is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. They don't try to makeup some sort of story as to why the zombies are rising from their graves. There's no meteor that crashed on earth or government gas causing the zombies to rise. They just rise...reason unknown. There's a good amount of humor throughout the film that blends well within the movie as well.

Image Quality
inline Image
Laser Paradise has released DellaMore DellaMore in a non-anamorphic widescreen transfer in its original 1.66:1 aspect ratio (package lists 1.85:1, which is incorrect).

Image quality on the TV was good, but not spectacular and I'll explain why in a moment. The colors were beautiful; they were rich and solid throughout the entire film. Blacks were mostly solid throughout the film as well. The overall transfer was a bit bright but I believe that was related to the conversion taking place when outputting PAL to NTSC TV. Once I adjusted some of the settings on the TV everything was fine in terms of brightness. The entire image was extremely sharp as well. The big complaint I had with the image quality was mpeg artifacts. I saw a number of scenes where mpeg artifacts would appear in the foreground, background, or both. The artifacts did not appear throughout the entire film so I question whether the problem was specific to the conversion that was taking place, or an inherent problem with the DVD transfer itself. I'd say around 10-20% of the film had noticeable mpeg artifacts. I did play around with the controls on my TV in terms of sharpness, brightness, and contrast but the artifacts always appeared. It's worth noting that the artifacts generally weren't very noticeable, and you're probably going to have to have really good vision, have a larger TV or be fairly close to the TV to even notice them. Still, I'm picky so this will effect my grading of the transfer.


DellaMorte DellaMorte contains Dolby Digital Surround 2.0 sound, just like the domestic and Japanese laserdisc. Dialogue was crisp and clear throughout the film. I heard no problems in the sound. Rear speakers were fairly active during some of the louder scenes when there was justification for background sound.

Supplemental Material

inline Image Trailers for DellaMorte DellaMore, Brain Dead, Army of Darkness, Stage Fright, Zombie (aka Dawn of the Dead), and Hellraiser 3.

Final Thoughts

This movie should please most horror fans. The special effects are pretty good and there's a fair amount of gore. I personally don't find zombie movies very scary or creepy, but perhaps some of you still do. The plot can be a little confusing at times and the ending may leave you scratching your head a bit, but make no mistake this is a good horror film that is worth seeing. It could be the best horror film of the 90's. If you haven't seen it go out and rent it today. It's available on US VHS and US laserdisc as Cemetery Man. There's also a Japanese laserdisc as DellaMorte DellaMore.


Movie - A-
Image Quality - B-
Sound - B-
Supplements - C

Technical Info.
  • Color
  • Running Time - 1 hour 39 minutes
  • Not Rated
  • 1 Disc
  • Chapter stops
  • English Dolby Digital 2.0
  • German and English dialogue
  • German subtitles
  • Trailers for DellaMorte DellaMore, Brain Dead, Army of Darkness, Stage Fright, Zombie (aka Dawn of the Dead), and Hellraiser 3
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