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Default Candyman 3

Reviewer: Dave
Review Date: December 26, 1999

Released by: Artisan
Release date: 12/17/1999
MSRP: $14.98
Region 1, NTSC
Widescreen 1.85:1 | 16x9: Yes


The Story

The "Candyman legend" tells the story of a Daniel Robitaille (Tony Todd,), a black man who had a sexual relationship with a white woman many years ago. The locals wouldn't stand for this so they tortured Daniel by cutting off his hand and covering with honey so bees would swarm to him to eat the honey, while stinging him at the same time. And so the legend of Candyman was born. It is said that if you call the name "CANDYMAN" into a mirror five times the Candyman will come to kill you.

Generations later, a woman by the name of Caroline McKeever (Donna D'Errico), a descendent of the Candyman, begins to have dreams and vision of the Candyman coming after her. Soon she realizes these dreams and visions are more than real, and that the Candyman is after he soul. The Candyman tells her that she must submit and become his victim or else he will continue on his path of killing anyone close to her. Why is the Candyman after her? He wishes to destroy all of his bloodline to help ease his pain for has happened to him. As it turns out Caroline is the last in the bloodline so she is all that remains.

Caroline soon teams up with David de La Paz (Nick Corri), who is being accused of the Candyman murders. Together they try and track down some paintings that were done by the Candyman, which they believe is the key to destroying the Candyman. During their search, however, they must deal with the Candyman who is close on their trail and in their dreams.

What can I say about this film? Baywatch fans rejoice! Well, no, that probably isn't true. You probably see just as much of Donna D'Errico as you would normally see in Baywatch. Sorry guys... Seriously though, Candyman 3 is an okay film but I don't think it really touches on anything new. Yes, there is this whole story for Candyman's paintings, his forbidden love, etc. There's even the possibility that they're actually destroying Candyman for all time in this entry, but I somehow sincerely doubt it. But for some reason this just falls into the "another slasher sequel" for me. They tried to do something new here but it reminded me too much of the first two Candyman films. Perhaps that should be expected from a sequel. I can't say I'm a very big fan of sequels in general. In most instances the first film is always the best one and the sequels just plain suck.

I've never been a big Candyman fan to begin with. Certainly you should rent the film and judge for yourself. But for anyone who agrees with my general taste, I'd have to say Candyman 3 is a bit of stinker. Another big complaint from me is the horrible acting by Baywatch beauty Donna D'Errico. She just can't act, simple as that. She does a create job walking around with hardly any clothes on strutting her stuff, but when it comes to convincing acting you'll have to wait until Tony Todd (Candyman) is on the screen.

Image Qualityinline Image

Candyman 3 is presented in it's original theatrical ratio of 1.85:1. It is anamorphically enhanced (16x9) for widescreen tvs. As with all other Artisan DVDs, the transfer here is superb. The image was extremely sharp and clear, colors were solid and no blemishes were detected in the transfer. Excellent job done by Artisan.


The sound is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1. The sound is clear throughout the film with no distortion detected. The 5.1 audio didn't push my system very much, but there was still a good amount of activity from the rears during some scenes. Subwoofer usage was very minor. Still, overall a pleasing audio presentation on this DVD.

Supplemental Material

inline Image A trailer, cast & crew information and production notes. Not much worth talking about really. The production notes were a nice read but they always to be more of a sale pitch to me - they're always trying to convince you WHY the movie was made, etc.

Final Thoughts

A wonderful DVD done by Artisan. Sound and image quality get extremely high marks here. The movie itself did little for me, but as mentioned earlier everyone should judge it for themselves. As for extras, well, there are hardly any. Still, I'm sure any fan of the Candyman series will gladly welcome a new entry and in terms of quality, Artisan delivered.


Movie - C
Image Quality - A
Sound - A-
Supplements - C

Technical Info.
  • Color
  • Running time - 1 hour 33 minutes
  • Not Rated
  • 1 Disc
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 sound
  • Spanish 2.0 Surround sound
  • Trailer
  • Production notes
  • Cast & crew information
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