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Default Don't Mess WIth My Sister

Reviewer: Dave
Review Date: October 11, 2000

Released by: Elite Entertainment
Release date: 10/31/2000
MSRP: $9.98
Region 1, NTSC
Widescreen 1.85:1 | 16x9: Yes

The Story

Steven (Joe Perce) is a young college student working his way towards a degree in accounting. He's married to Clara (Jeannine Lemay) and together they have a young baby girl. Steven works for Clara's two brothers - Roberto (Jack Gurci) and Dino (Peter Sapienza) - that own a junkyard. Steven does their accounting and the two brothers have been promising Steven a partnership in the junkyard for some time now. When Steve's birthday roles around they offer him a raise in salary but no partnership. Of course this upsets Steven, who was expecting a partnership.

Meanwhile, Clara is preparing a surprise birthday party for Steven while he's in school that evening. Many family members and friends have snuck over for the surprise party. When Steven gets out of class he picks up Annika (Laura Lanfranchi), a fellow student that was hitching for a ride. Amazingly, she's going to the same apartment that Steven lives in. It turns out that Annika is a belly dancer and has been hired for Steven's surprise party. Steven agrees not to tell and plans to act surprised about the party he now knows about. Annika does indeed dance at the party and she accidentally leaves her bra behind after leaving. Steven returns it to her the next night at school, only to realize that he has a strong attraction towards Annika. He offers her a ride to her job for the night and she accepts. Steven decides to wait outside for her to finish. When he hears her screaming inside he rushes in to help her. Both Steven and Annika have a struggle with the man she was dancing for, who tried to rape her. The two overcome but are unsure of whether they killed him or not. They flee the scene and head back to Annika's, where they commit their first act of adultery.

To make matters worse, Ann (Kit Bard), one of Clara's friend, saw Steven drive away with Annika that night. She tells Clara what she saw, which prompts Clara to gather her two big brothers together and teach both Steven and Annika a lesson. This, combined with the fact that he may have assisted in murdering someone, drives Steven to a point of no return. Armed with a double-barrel shotgun, Steven decides to seek out his own revenge on Clara and her brothers.

I was really let down by this movie. First let me say that the "From the makers of 'I Spit On Your Grave'" on the front cover is totally misleading. While I Spit On Your Grave wasn't a very good movie, it was extremely graphic - both in gore and sexual content. This is also a revenge movie so I expected something similar, which may have been wrong of me but obviously they put it on the cover to attract people who know about I Spit On Your Grave's content. Then you have this cool cover art that depicts a man holding a shotgun with a woman wrapped around him and an explosion occuring in the background. Pretty much all of this happens but not until the last 5 minutes of the movie. And really it's only the last 5 minutes that's somewhat enjoyable. Even then it's not all that good or exciting. There's virtually no gore in the movie, no tension, no gruesome revenge scenes. While the acting is decent who really cares if the movie does nothing for you? Definitely a big let down for me.

Image Qualityinline Image

Elite presents Don't Mess With My Sister in a 1.85:1 widescreen transfer that is enhanced for 16x9 TVs. This is perhaps the best transfer I've ever seen from Elite, which is saying a lot. Colors are strong and nicely saturated. Skin tons appear accurate and well balanced. Image is extremely sharp and clear, remaining virtually grain free throughout the majority of the movie - only 1 or 2 dark scenes displayed some mild grain that's hardly noticeable at all. The only other minor problem would be some occasional white specks that appeared. I didn't see any print blemishes. I expected a good transfer from Elite as usual, but this is way beyond good. It's spectacular. I'm rating it an A-. Excellent job, Elite!


Don't Mess With My Sister is presented in mono sound. Dialogue was clear without any distortion or background noise heard.

Supplemental Material

inline Image Not a huge special edition here but Elite has included a few extras. The packaging lists 10 minutes of deleted scenes, which are presented in Pan & Scan. The deleted scenes footage actually runs about 17 minutes. It's setup in a manner where they show you the entire scenes from the movie over again with the deleted sequence(s) tacked on at either the beginning, middle, or end. I'd say there's actually only 1 or 2 minutes worth of deleted scenes in that 17 minutes of footage. Nothing major in the deleted scenes either, but there are a few that help you better understand various parts of the movie. Also included on the DVD is the theatrical trailer.

Final Thoughts

Don't Mess With My Sister was a letdown for me, having a weak story with no thrills, scares or gore. Elite has provided a spectacular transfer, however, so if you are a fan of the movie you will definitely be satisfied in that department. There's also a few extras, but nothing substantial or all that enjoyable. In terms of quality Elite did a terrific job as always, and the fact that all their new titles are 16x9 enhanced is a welcome sign.


Movie - D+
Image Quality - A-
Sound - A-
Supplements - C+

Technical Info.
  • Color
  • Running Time - 1 hour 25 minutes
  • Not Rated
  • 1 Disc
  • Chapter stops
  • Mono sound
  • 17 Minutes of Never-Before-Seen Footage
  • Theatrical trailer
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