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Default Mirror Mirror

Reviewer: Dave
Review Date: October 6, 2000

Released by: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Release date: 10/24/2000
MSRP: $24.98
Region 1, NTSC
Full Frame 1.33:1

The Story

Mrs. Perlili (Ann Hearn) and her friend Emelin (Yvonne De Carlo) are cleaning out a house, preparing it for the new owners. They find an old mirror which Emelin promises to take with her to her antique shop. Emelin also finds a book on scientific occultism and the diary of Mary Weatherworth, who had previously lived in the house long ago and had killed her sister Elizabeth in it. The new owners - Mrs. Gordon (Karen Black) and her daughter Megan (Rainbow Harvest) - arrive the next day and Mrs. Perlili begins showing them around. Sadly, Megan's father passed away recently which is the main reason for the move - to start over. When Megan is shown her new room she sees a tall wooden mirror in it, which was removed from the house but has mysteriously made its way back. Mrs. Perlili tells Megan and her mother that it doesn't along there, but if they like it she can arrange for them to buy it. Megan asks her mother if this is okay and her mother reluctantly agrees.

The following day Megan attends her first day at her new private school. Megan is different then the others. She dresses in the punk style, wearing black everything - black clothes, black eye shadow, black shoes, etc. When she enters her first class many of the students begin quietly laughing at her. On her way to her seat she trips over a life size model skeleton. Embarrassed, she quickly runs out of the class and into the school bathroom. Nikki Chandler (Kristin Dattilo-Hayward), a fellow student, runs after her. Nikki comforts Megan in the bathroom, becoming Megan's first and ultimately one of her only friends. Charleen Kane (Charlie Spradling), the school's "pretty girl", becomes Megan's lead tormenter, teasing her and embarrassing her whenever possible.

Megan begins to realize that the mirror has special powers. When she thinks or wishes something, the mirror makes it happen. The first sign is when her mother has a date over and Megan makes him see worms in his food, which ultimately causes him to leave. Next Megan gives Charleen a serious nose bleed in the school cafeteria after she had been laughing at Megan with some other kids. When Nikki loses the class president election to Charleen, Megan promises her that she will still become class president. Megan's thoughts begin to become more and more gruesome, ultimately killing people. Meanwhile, Emelin begins reading the diary of Mary Weatherworth, which tells her experience with the mirror and how it seduces people into doing its evil deeds. Once Nikki learns of Megan's powers and what she's been using them for she tries to end the friendship, but that only causes Megan to begin using her powers to cause Nikki harm. Now Nikki must turn to the one person who can help - Emelin - who has learned how to fight the evil forces within the mirror. But now that the mirror has enough power over Megan, it may be too late to stop it.

inline Image
Mirror Mirror was a surprise for me. I went in not expecting much, but I came out feeling satisfied at what turns out to be a decent little horror movie that definitely has some originality. The whole concept of the mirror making these wishes and thoughts a reality, only to gain more control over Megan, works quite effectively and is an original idea in itself. Sure, the whole idea of seeking revenge on those who have wronged you has been done over a million times, but Mirror Mirror is unique in its implementation. And of course, seeing the gruesome results to some of Megan's thoughts is sure to please most horror fans. I also enjoyed Megan's decent into this power hungry avenger, only to realize too late that she's been used by the mirror and that its not always going to do what she wants. Definitely an enjoyable movie, one that most horror will appreciate.

Image Quality

inline Image Anchor Bay presents Mirror Mirror it's its original full frame 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Overall a clean transfer with only a few specks of dirt showing up on the print. Colors are a bit faded; no doubt the result of it being a low budget movie from 1990. Blemishes are few and far between, but you will see a few scratches here and there. There's also mild grain that appears in a few dark scenes, but nothing too distracting. Not a perfect transfer but overall a good job done by Anchor Bay.


Mirror Mirror is presented in Dolby Digital Stereo sound. Dialogue was clear without any distortion or background noise heard.

Supplemental Material

inline Image No extras are included on this DVD.

Final Thoughts

Mirror Mirror is the type of movie that most horror fans will enjoy seeing at least once. Whether it's something you want to add to your library or not is entirely up to you, but I definitely recommend those that haven't seen it give it a rental. It has a good story with some originality in it, along with some gore for those who crave it so much. Unfortunately, there's no extras on the DVD but rest assured - in terms of audio/video quality Anchor Bay delivers acceptable results.


Movie - B
Image Quality - B-
Sound - A-
Supplements - N/A

Technical Info.
  • Color
  • Running time - 1 hour 44 minutes
  • Not Rated
  • 1 Disc
  • Chapter stops
  • English Dolby Digital Stereo
  • N/A
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