Horror Remake Candidates?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mark Relford, May 25, 2004.

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    Those are some good points, wgdavis. I was thinking kinda the same thing, when perusing the horror section of a book store. There were like hundreds of books there, and maybe a dozen or so had been made into movies (in other words, the Stephen King section). Even if only 10% of those other books are any good, that would still be a decent 4-5 horror movies we could have per year.

    That said, I think The Stepford Wives IS a good candidate for remaking, though I doubt that this new version will be any good. Exchange the station wagon/PTA meeting moms of the 70s for SUVs and soccer moms of today, and you have ample room for social commentary. 10 bucks says this new version won't have the guts to take that road.
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    That's how I feel about remakes. Don't remake classic movies, remake stuff that had potential or a couple of good scenes but overall sucked. One that comes to mind is 976-Evil. The movie sucked, but I kinda liked the story. It also could have actually been funny instead of annoying. Oh, and don't forget about the gore and a very eccentric lead actor (the only 2 good things about the movie!)
    Another movie I think that should get remade is The Exterminator. Add more action but keep all the gore and gritty violence intact!

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